“Since my wife entered the country, my mind is stable. Among Korean foods, steamed chicken is the best.”
“My greatest strength is control. However, practice throwing hard and catching the ball steadily.”
“You can start right now. But it’s not my authority”
Manager Lee Seung-yeop, unappointed appointment of Dylan Pyle as May 4 Futures
manager Lee Jeong-hoon “This is enough for the first team”

 Doosan’s another engine, Dylan Pyle, successfully completed his rehabilitation.

Dylan started the 2nd DH match against the Kia Tigers at Doosan Stadium in Icheon on April 27 and recorded 4 innings, 1 hit, 3 walks and no runs. His highest speed was recorded at 150 km/h and his average speed was recorded at 145 km. Doosan Bears officials were generally satisfied. The mercenary scouting team leader said, “At this rate, it’s only my second appearance, and it’s great. In fact, that hit was also a hit by a misaligned shift, so I don’t think there is a need to attach much importance to it.”

Futures coach Lee Jung-hoon also said, “I think I can give it 8 points out of 10. To be honest, if you get 8 points, you can go straight to the first team. I think maybe there will be one more Futures appearance,” he said.

Dylan’s expression after meeting after the game was also bright. The file said, “The feeling of today’s game was not bad. There are still some parts that need to be corrected or corrected, but overall it is good.”

He was also satisfied with the redemption. “At 150 km, it is the highest speed similar to what I had when I was in the United States, so I am fully satisfied. However, what is more important than restraint is control, so I am paying a lot of attention to that part.”

The most important thing is the injured area. However, Dylan said that injuries are no longer a big concern. “There are no symptoms of a head injury, and it seems to be fine,” he said. The body itself has strength and there are no strange parts at all.”

Dylan is wearing his specially made hat just in case. However, he said of him, “I don’t think it has a big impact psychologically and mentally. However, he is unlikely to get hit in the head again, but he is wearing it for safety,” he laughed lightly.

He throws a total of four pitches. The main weapon is the curve. And the changeup thrown when a left-handed batter comes out and the slider usually thrown when a right-handed hitter comes out.크크크벳

Dylan said, “When I thought about it, I think you need to have at least one good pitch to be successful as a pitcher. For me, the pitch called the curve is the most stable. In the process of growing as a baseball player, I learned that pitching is the most important thing for a pitcher. In the meantime, he explained his strengths, saying, “How to catch the ball while throwing the ball hard, and how to pitch the slider and changeup.”

Dylan and his wife entered the country on April 26 from the United States. It is good news that he can find stability in his mind while he has been distracted by rehabilitation. He said, “Because of rehabilitation, I haven’t been able to visit many places in Korea yet. I want to visit Seoul with his wife. He laughed and said, “My favorite Korean food is steamed chicken.”

Lastly, Dylan Pyle said, “I want to pitch tomorrow. However, there is a process of increasing the number of pitches, so I will prepare steadily and do my best to help the team advance to the Korean Series,” he concluded the interview.

The starting date for Dylan Pyle set by coach Lee Seung-yeop is May 4th.

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