“My goal is to play full-time in the first team.”

He joined KT with great expectations, but his professional wall was high. He lost his self-confidence, which was full of ambition. A change was needed. So, through his weight loss, he improved his pitching balance. This is the story of left-handed pitcher Park Se-jin (26), who joined the 1st team spring camp this year after making a mark with manager Lee Kang-chul at the finishing camp after being discharged from the military last year. Park Se-jin had a chance to rise to the stage of the 1st team again.

Park Se-jin wore the KT uniform as the first nomination in 2016. He had a chance to be selected in his debut season, but he realized the high wall of a professional with poor results. Even after that, he was given a chance to go back and forth between the 1st and 2nd teams, but he fell short of expectations. His painful growing pains are over. This is the reason why he is determined to prove his presence without fail this year.

Park Se-jin said, “I think my physical condition is 100% complete. I will definitely show it at camp.”

There is a reason for this will. This year is different from the start. The biggest change was a weight loss of 15 kg. While losing weight, he also improved his balance, such as weight transfer when pitching. Park Se-jin said, “During my time in the army, I lost 15 kg of weight and gained muscle. When I throw the ball, my body becomes lighter, so my weight shifts well, and I definitely feel that I am light.” I think I can throw the ball from the point I want,” he explained. 스포츠토토

Did you say ‘there is no younger brother like an older brother’? In fact, he is well known as the younger brother of Lotte’s ‘Ace of Glasses’ Park Se-woong (28). He is learning a lot from his older brother and growing up. Park Se-jin said, “During the off-season, I learned to exercise together with his older brother and play catch ball. He said, “My older brother looked at the ball rotation and pitching posture, etc.” At that time, he felt good,” he confessed.

Currently, KT has a shortage of left-handed pitchers. It means that his value could be higher. He now depends on how much he shows. This is why this spring camp is more important than ever.

Park Se-jin said, “Last year at the finish camp, coach Kim Tae-han told me, ‘The team lacks a left-handed bullpen, so I think I can play with the bullpen this year. Bullpen pitchers are more likely to go out when there are runners, so I heard the advice to do a lot of set motion training when practicing.” Here, the top priority is to perfectly master one breaking ball that I can throw in unfavorable situations.”

After proving his presence in this camp, he also revealed his desire to play full-time in the first team this year. He said, “I want to play first team full-time this year. At the same time, I want to learn how to manage my physical strength,” he said. “(Park Se-woong) said, ‘You have to run full-time for a year to know how to manage your physical strength for the next season.’ That’s why my goal is to play full-time,” he said vigorously.

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