Yesterday, Hanwha Moon Dong-ju’s restraint exceeded 160 km/h for the first time in the KBO League.

Now you have a more important goal than redemption.

This is Reporter Park Jae-woong.

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The moment when a fastball of 160km per hour, called the dream restraint, was hit.

Batter Park Chan-ho froze, and the broadcasters were also startled.토토사이트

“I’ve seen a lot of professional players’ balls, but I think Moon Dong-ju’s fastball today is the best ball I’ve ever seen.”

159km was recorded on the electronic board, but 160.1km on the KBO pitch tracking system.

19-year-old Moon Dong-ju, who surpassed not only Kiwoom An Woo-jin’s current record of the highest restraint, but also the highest restraint record of a domestic player by Lotte’s Choi Sung-sung 11 years ago.

But he didn’t even know he had set a historic record during the game.

[Moon Dong-joo/Hanhwa]
“Actually, I checked the record of my throws every time (reporter), so I wondered if it was because I threw 161km, and on the other hand, I recognized that I was in good shape and thought I should focus.”

I made my childhood dream of 160km a reality, but after the second inning, my speed fell and I conceded a point, and the regret of recording a defeat was greater than I thought.

[Moon Dong-ju/Hanwha]
“I don’t think I’m 100% satisfied with every game, and I didn’t like the content part, and I felt a lot of things I lacked myself…” I am sincere in every

moment of the second season of the pro, to the extent that I reflect on the words I wrote from time to time during the game.

[Moon Dong-ju/Hanwha]
“I think I wrote down a lot of things I should think about in the game, and the most important thing is to analyze my strength, but I think it’s self-confidence, so I think I wrote down some comments that could add some confidence.”

The 160km dream has come true, but Moon Dong-ju’s real goal is different.

[Moon Dong-joo/Hanwha]
“It was nice to be able to show that I am a pitcher who can throw 160km, and I want to become a pitcher who can compete with batters with confidence like I do now.”

This is Park Jae-woong from MBC News.

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