The scene where the Philadelphia Phillies’ best prospect pitcher is ridiculed by a senior hitter draws attention.

The main character is Andrew Painter, a 19-year-old right-handed pitcher. He was born on April 11, 2003 (Korean time) and is not yet 20 years old.

On the 23rd, Painter conducted live pitching at Robin Roberts Field in Clearwater, Florida, USA, where the team’s spring training camp was prepared. The hitters he faced were Kyle Schwaber, Brandon Marsh and John Hicks. The player who mocked Painter was none other than Schwaber, who became the National League home run champion with 46 home runs last year.

In his first matchup with Schwaber, Painter struck out a swing with a high 99 mph fastball. However, in his second at-bat, Schwaber pulled Painter’s curve in the middle and hit a home run that went over the right wall.

Painter, who was looking at the batted ball, confirmed that the ball went over, took off his hat with a dejected expression on his face, and walked around the mound. At this time, Schwaber, who was heading to the dugout, took off his helmet and took the motion of leaping and running to first base. Then he yelled at the paint, “Suck it, Painter,” and laughed wryly. It was a joke, but the tone was close to ridicule. published a video of the scene, describing it as “the Phillies’ top prospect receiving a rude welcome from Schwaber.” 토토사이트

Painter is Philadelphia’s next-generation ace, ranked 6th overall and 1st pitcher in the MLB pipeline’s prospect list this year. Last year he made 22 starts in Single-A and Double-A, going 6-2 with a 1.56 earned run average. In particular, he showed off his powerful pitch by striking out 155 in 103⅔ innings.

The MLB pipeline said, ‘Painter is the best prospect with a tall (2m1) height, pitch, and control. He started to exceed 100 mph on his fastball last year, averaging over 96 mph. He has a good pitching rate and rotation rate, so he induces miss swings well. He introduces a slider in the early 80s as his second pitch, a curve in the late 70s and an above-average changeup.

He is a 5th starting candidate. Philadelphia has Zack Wheeler, Aaron Nola, Ranger Suarez, and Taijuan Walker as their 1-4 starters. Philadelphia manager Rob Thompson announced that Painter, Bailey Poulter, Christopher Sanchez, Nick Nelson and Michael Plasmeier would compete for the fifth starter. Among them, it is evaluated that Painter is the most advanced.

If he starts before his birthday, he will become the first Philadelphia pitcher to start a teenager in 43 years since Mark Davis in 1980. It is the first case in the big leagues since the Los Angeles Dodgers Julio Urias in 2016.

The painter’s locker was set up next to Wheeler’s. This is what Wheeler requested from the club. “When I was with the Mets, the starting pitchers’ lockers were all together, and I loved that. I remember having breakfast and talking to each other,” said Wheeler. You can easily ask that question.” It’s a consideration for the painter.

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