After tying the record for most consecutive wins by a Bears head coach in his first year, Doosan head coach Seung-yeop Lee gives all the credit to his coaching staff and players.카지노사이트

After a disappointing ninth-place finish last year, Doosan finished the first half of the 2023 season on a high note with 42 wins, one draw and 36 losses. After swapping fifth and sixth places at the start of the season due to a rash of injuries and various setbacks, the team went on a nine-game winning streak, starting with a victory over Lotte in Ulsan on 1 July, to move up to third place, four games behind second-placed SSG. Doosan, which had been worried about its 5 per cent win rate throughout the season, is now in a position to overtake second place.

Speaking after the rain-cancelled game against SSG in Incheon on the 13th, coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “We started at -3, and I thought we shouldn’t fall further from there. If it becomes -10, we have to win 10 games in a row to get to 5%. “So I declared an all-out war, and the players responded well and prepared, so we won nine games in a row. The players’ desire to win was strong, so there were many good performances during the winning streak.”

With his 12th win, Lee tied the record for most consecutive wins in a debut season by a Bears head coach in history. It was a moment to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Kim Young-duk (OB, 22 May 1982 at Citizen Samsung Electronics – 12 June at MBC) and Kim Sung-geun (OB, 17 April 1984 at Daejeon Sammi – 28 April at Guduk Lotte).

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yup / OSEN DB

At the time, Kim Young-duk was the head coach of OB after serving as the head coach of Hanil Bank, Jang Chung-go, and Buk Il-Go, while Kim Sung-geun also became a professional club manager after gaining leadership experience as the head coach of Kookmin Bank, Chungam Go, Shin Il-Go, and OB’s pitching coach. Lee’s nine-game winning streak is even more impressive as he became the first coach at Doosan.

“I didn’t do well, the players did well. The credit goes to the players. It’s not my record, it’s the record of my players, of the team, of all the struggles and trials and tribulations. We had a tough time until June, and then we picked up the pace,” he said, adding, “When a rookie coach has a winning streak and it’s called a record, it’s not really a record. It doesn’t compare to the greats,” he said humbly.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop / OSEN DB

“The first time I went down to Daegu after taking over, we lost two games in a row by one run, and then we were winning 5-2 against Hanwha before losing the game in reverse. I don’t know if the pitching change was wrong, but it was hard because I had to take all the blame. The bench’s mistakes were more important than the player’s responsibility for the late-game reversal. At that time, it was mentally tough. What I did well was to judge the people around me. What I didn’t do well is my responsibility.”

Lee mentioned Kim Myung-shin, who played all-around in the first half, whether in the chase group, long relief, or the must-win group, and the veteran players. Lee said, “As the reporters know, Kim Myung-shin struggled. All the veterans also struggled. Yang also came back and looked good, and Kim Jae-ho did well in the first two games. Heo Kyung-min also did his best despite not being fully fit. I’m very grateful for the veterans,” he said sincerely.

Doosan Kim Myung-shin / OSEN DB

Kim had a message of encouragement for Kim Jae-hwan, who batted just 2-for-4 with seven home runs in the first half. Lee said, “I’m sure he’s been struggling with his performance. He had no choice but to continue playing in a sluggish state.” “When he plays well, our batting line-up becomes more complete. I will continue to help him find his best swing.”


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