FC Barcelona plans to reinforce the midfield with a short-term loan. Sofiang Amrabat, who played in the World Cup, has been in the spotlight. 

Spain’s ‘Sport’ quoted ‘Gigantes’ on the 31st (Korean time) and reported, “Barcelona is looking into adding a central midfielder in addition to strengthening the side. They are trying to recruit Amrabat.”

Contract details also emerged. The media added, “The six-month lease will not include a full signing option. After this season, Barcelona will decide whether to leave Amrabat or not. Barcelona will have to negotiate with Fiorentina.” 

Amrabat is a midfielder from Morocco. He is a key member who led Morocco’s semifinal legend in the World Cup. He plays a defensive midfielder, and his passing ability and defensive ability are considered his strengths. He performed so well that he was selected as one of the best 11 in the World Cup, drawing attention from big clubs.  먹튀검증

He mainly played on the Italian stage. He made his debut for Wetrecht in the Netherlands, played Feyenoord and Club Bruges before joining Helas Verona and entered Serie A. From the 2020-2021 season, he moved to Fiorentina and is playing for the third season. He played 17 games in the first half of the season.

Barcelona are trying to ease the burden on Sergio Busquets by reinforcing their defensive midfielder. Last summer, Frank Kessie was recruited, but he could not show satisfactory performance and was pushed to the bench. Amrabat’s recruitment is a short-term lease for ‘testing’. We plan to decide whether to fully recruit after watching his performance. 

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