Before it could even start properly, gossip broke out.

Suwon Samsung started to escape from sluggishness by appointing the 8th coach Kim Byung-soo. Suwon is at the bottom with 1 win, 2 draws and 8 losses (5 points).

Together with director Kim Byung-soo, he started to ‘reconstruct the famous family’. However, before the full-scale start, gossip broke out. Analyst Kim Tae-ryeong, who came in with coach Kim Byung-soo, became controversial when it was revealed that he provided prediction services with his name on a private betting information site.

Analyst Kim Tae-ryung wrote in the title of the analysis article, “’Byungsoo Ball’ is a soccer I know well. I am confident that I will come up with colon information.” Writing on a betting site by an official who knows the club’s internal circumstances can be a serious leak of internal information.

According to the Suwon club, analyst Kim recently worked at the betting company until 2016, and after quitting, he worked only as an advisor and did not write analysis articles. It is said that the company also stole the name of the analyst without permission.토토사이트
But the controversy did not easily subside. Director Kim Byung-soo was in a situation where he had to explain the analyst’s controversy even before departure.

Director Kim Byung-soo said, “I don’t look at the Internet well. report was received I know that it is confirmed at the club level. It’s difficult to say because I don’t know the exact situation right now.”

“Since I came to Suwon Samsung, I cannot be comfortable. It is true that it is very burdensome and difficult. You can’t leave a difficult situation as it is. I try to carry the bad accusations. I think you should think that you are comfortable even if you are not comfortable.”

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