Ahn Byung-jun (32) told Oh Hyeon-gyu (21), who was together for a short time, that he had learned. 

On the 27th, I met Ahn Byung-jun in an interview before training at Shilla Stay in Jeju. He joined Suwon Samsung through the transfer market last summer and stepped on the K-League 1 stage for the first time in Korea. 

Ahn Byung-jun is a star on the K-League 2 stage. In the 2020 and 2021 seasons, he scored more than 20 goals for Suwon FC and Busan I-Park, respectively, and took the top scorer for two consecutive seasons. 

Ahn Byung-jun said, “When I came to Suwon, the situation was a bit difficult. I challenged myself thinking that I would help and survive, and in the end, I was fortunate to survive somehow.” 

Although he joined during the season, Ahn Byeong-jun proved that he can work in the first division by performing well with 7 goals in 18 K-League 1 matches.

He even scored the opening goal in the second leg of the promotion playoff against FC Anyang. 

Ahn Byung-jun is one of the few players who has experienced promotion playoffs in both K-League 2 and K-League 1.

Looking back at the end of last season, he said, “The pressure I felt was so different that it was incomparable. All the players were afraid while preparing for the game and while running. I played under stress,” he said. It was a game I didn’t want to do,” recalling the time when we were fighting in Suwon, where there were many fans.

Ahn Byung-jun is preparing for a full-time season in Suwon, and his shoulders are heavier. 메이저사이트

This is because Oh Hyun-gyu, who was responsible for sharing the front line last year, recently transferred to the prestigious Celtic in Scotland. 

Ahn Byung-jun said, “I learned a lot while playing with (Oh) Hyun-gyu for six months.” I’m glad that it went well because I saw him worrying. He congratulated me, saying, “I’m cheering for you.”

Ahn Byeong-jun continued, “From my point of view, I think there is no big difference in my role with or without Hyun-kyu, and I intend to do my job.” Because he scored a lot of goals.” 

Ahn Byeong-jun, the K-League 2 top scorer, is now preparing for his challenge by spending his first full season in the K-League 1.

He said, “I came last summer and spent six months together, and this is the first year (for a year). I want to help the team throughout the year.” I think it will follow. I will do my best to help for a year without injury.” 

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