Both the player base and the coach were problematic.

Germany’s ‘Sport 1’ said on the 15th (Korean time), “Former German national team coach Hansi Flick has set another dishonorable record,” adding, “He has not chosen a fixed starting lineup even once in the 25 games he led. “I didn’t do it,” the report said.

The German Football Association said on its official website on the 10th (Korean time), “We have decided to sack manager Hansi Flick and his coaching staff,” and added, “We have decided that new momentum is needed for the men’s national team, which has recently had disappointing results. “We need confidence for Euro 2024 to be held in Germany,” an official statement said.

Germany lost 1-4 in a friendly match against Japan held at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, Germany on the 10th. He self-destructed in front of his home fans. 

Following last year, I lost my pride again. Germany failed to advance to the round of 16 after losing 1-2 to Japan in the group stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. On the other hand, Japan survived the ‘Group of Death’ as ​​first place and advanced to the round of 16.  

This return match had a similar trend. Germany had a high market share, but Japan had the most substance. Japan continued to harass Germany with momentary strong forward pressure, organized passing play, and quick counterattacks to secure an away victory.  

The first half was a tight result. Japan scored two goals and Germany also scored one goal. However, the atmosphere completely changed in the second half. In particular, Germany collapsed on its own. In the 44th minute of the second half, they lost the ball due to a defensive mistake and were hit by Asano, and in extra time of the second half, they gave up their fourth goal to Ao Tanaka. The match ended in a 1-4 defeat for Germany. 

After the dismissal of coach Flick, the team achieved a 1-0 victory over France under the temporary leadership of general manager Rudi Voehler, but there is still a long way to go. In fact, during the last years of coach Joachim Löw and the reign of coach Flick,메이저놀이터 the German national team is evaluated as having largely failed to change the player generation.

They failed to find new faces in a situation where they were highly dependent on veterans such as Josua Kimmich, Thomas Müller, and Manuel Neuer. In addition, they are still unable to find a one-top player, which is a chronic problem, and have shown a heavy reliance on Kai Havertz or Müller’s zero-top player.

Sport 1 said, “Coach Flick played 25 games for the German national team and achieved 12 wins. Looking at the details, there were 2 games against Liechtenstein, 2 games against Armenia, Iceland, Oman, Romania, Macedonia, Israel, Italy, Costa Rica, and Peru, in that order.” explained.

The media said, “Coach Flick was unable to provide stability to the team due to a failure in generational change. He never had the same lineup even once during the 25 games he led,” adding, “This is the first time for a coach of the German national soccer team to do this.” “It happens. This is the first time a coach of the German national team has been sacked,” he pointed out.

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