Son Heung-min (Tottenham) found the appearance of the ‘Super Son’ we knew.

Tottenham won 3-0 in the round of 32 of the FA Cup in the 2022-2023 season against Preston North End FC (second division) held at Deepdale Stadium in Preston, England on the morning of the 29th (Korean time). With this victory, Tottenham has secured a place in the round of 16.

Son Heung-min started and was responsible for the team’s victory. In the 5th minute of the second half, he scored the opening goal with a fantastic left-footed mid-range shot, and in the 14th minute of the second half, he reported multiple goals with another fantastic left-footed turning shot. In the 41st minute of the second half, Arnaud Danjuma added a goal and Tottenham finished the game with a 3-0 victory.

It was the moment when Son Heung-min’s 7th and 8th goals of the season and 11 attack points (8 goals and 3 assists) of the season appeared.

After the match, England’s ‘Football London’ expressed Son Heung-min as ‘Super Son’.

He said, “It was a game where Antonio Conte could have pushed Son Heung-min to the bench, but he came out as a starter. Son Heung-min, who recently showed a disappointing appearance, was very sharp in this game. He performed his trademark goal celebration.”

Another reason why this match attracted attention was the existence of Danjuma.

Tottenham announced the signing of Danzuma on loan on the 25th. Then, the local media instigated Son Heung-min’s crisis. It was an analysis that while Son Heung-min was sluggish, Danjuma, who had a similar position and play style, put Son Heung-min’s position at risk. There was also a prospect that Son Heung-min could lose his starting position to Danjuma. 메이저놀이터

These concerns were groundless. Even if the play style is similar, it is not comparable at Tottenham. Son Heung-min is a player who is advancing to become a Tottenham legend. Danjuma is not an opponent to overcome. Son Heung-min also proved his performance. He scored one goal at the end of the game, but Son Heung-min showed that he was still far from Danjuma.

‘Football London’ explained, “Son Heung-min showed a reaction to the recruitment of Danzuma. It has been a week since Danzuma, who has the same position as the left wing, was recruited. Son Heung-min responded perfectly.”

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