Saudi Arabia’s courtship of Lionel Messi (36, PSG) continues.

According to a report by ‘La Liga TV’ on the 19th, the Saudi professional team’s bid for Messi has increased. It is known that it has been raised from 400 million euros (about 572.9 billion won) to 500 million euros (about 716.1 billion won) over the previous two years.

Saudi club Al Hilal is actively seeking Messi. However, other Saudi clubs other than Al-Hilal are also known to be interested in Messi.

His home team, Barcelona, ​​is also hoping for Messi’s 토토사이트 comeback. However, Barcelona, ​​which suffers from financial difficulties, can only afford to give Messi 14 million euros (about 20.1 billion won) a year. This amount is only 1/35 of the amount proposed by Saudi Arabia.

If Messi’s selection criterion is money, there is no reason to reject Saudi Arabia’s offer. Barcelona president Juan Laporta is confident that “Messi will want a Barcelona comeback rather than Saudi Arabia.” /

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