A time of hardship came to Hyundai E&C as well. 

On the 24th, Korea Expressway Corporation beat Hyundai E&C with a set score of 3-1 (25-21, 25-17, 19-25, 25- 20) was set back.

On this day, Hwang Yeon-joo, an apogee who took the place of Yasmin’s vacancy, was unable to gain much strength with 6 points. Above all, Hyundai E&C was decisively caught in the team room. Expressway Corporation had 18 teams, while Hyundai E&C recorded 28 teams, 10 more. No serve ace came out, and the blocking score showed a big difference at 9-4. 

Catbell scored 19 points (attack success rate 35.85%), Park Jung-ah 15 points, and Jeong Dae-young 13 points (attack success rate 69.23%), drawing a team victory together. Bae Yuna played a big role in solidifying the atmosphere by earning 4 points in a quick attack. 

Libero Lim Myung-ok got 30 out of 33 dig attempts, and Moon Jung-won played an active part in receiving. Moon Jeong-won recorded 24 accurate hits with 32 receives in the game.

The Korea Expressway Corporation added 3 points, and now has 35 accumulated points (12 wins, 11 losses), pushing GS Caltex (33 points) to 4th place, raising the ranking.  

On the other hand, Hyundai E&C has been keeping Hwang Yeon-joo in compliance since Yasmin’s absence due to injury, but there are ups and downs in his performance, and he is already losing for the second consecutive time. In the previous game, on the 20th, against GS Caltex, it collapsed 2-3.  먹튀검증

It was a close match from the first set. With the score tied at 3-3, they took a steady lead. Hyundai Engineering & Construction also pursued Yang Hyo-jin, Lee Da-hyeon, and Go Ye-rim, and at one point overturned them. However, with the score tied at 15-15, Hyundai E&C was caught in the wrong room. The road construction, which reached 20 points first, brought a set with Park Jung-ah’s open score at the last minute.

The road construction continued a good atmosphere in the second set. With a slight lead of 10-9, Park Jung-ah succeeded in attacking and Jeong Dae-young shook the opponent’s receive with two consecutive sub-aces. Hyundai E&C was shaken even by the defense and gave up another set. 

There was a counterattack in the 3rd set, but in the 4th set Catbell attacked and Moon Jeong-won and Bae Yuna played blocking and ran away by 6 points. Hyundai E&C, which completely gave off the atmosphere, lost its will to pursue. 

In the men’s division, which was held earlier, the first place Korean Air was caught by KB Insurance in a shutout loss, and both men and women’s first place tasted a bitter defeat that day.

Meanwhile, the victorious Korea Expressway Corporation is scheduled to play against GS Caltex on the 27th.

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