Despite Ace’s sluggishness, the warmth they had was still there.

Anyang KGC took a step closer to winning the integrated championship with 2 consecutive wins after 1 loss and an 81-70 come-from-behind victory in the 3rd game of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship against Seoul SK held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 29th.

KGC’s performance is obviously not perfect compared to when they won Wire to Wire and won EASL Champions Week. Omari Spellman’s ups and downs in performance, but what’s bigger is the sluggishness of ace Byun Jun-hyung.

Byun Jun-hyeong is silent like a lie in the championship match. Uneasy from the first game, he scored only two points in the third game. The running time was also greatly reduced to 20 minutes and 25 seconds.

▲ Byun Jun-hyung 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship Record

Game 1_36 minutes 31 seconds played / 11 points 2 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals 30.8% field goal success rate Game 2_30

minutes 17 seconds played / 13 points 6 rebounds 5 assists 1 Steel field goal success rate 33.3%

Game 3_20 minutes 25 seconds played / 2 points 4 rebounds 6 assists 1

steal field field goal success rate 12.5% ​​Even in the semifinal playoff against Goyang Carrot, Byun Jun-hyung’s condition went back and forth. However, he regained his normal performance from the furious 3rd game and was regarded as an incident. The problem is that I haven’t been able to show myself in the championship match yet. This is something to be concerned about, besides KGC taking the series lead with 2 wins and 1 loss.

However, KGC, coach Kim Sang-sik and Oh Se-geun were not too worried. This is because the team is winning enough despite Byun Jun-hyung’s sluggish performance, and he trusts that he is the player who will end the game in the end.토스카지노

Director Kim said, “I just think that today was not good. (Park) Ji-hoon came in instead and did a great job. I will tell you a lot so that (Byeon) Junhyung can have confidence.”

Oh Se-geun said, “I’m telling Jun-hyung that it’s okay. It seems I should try to stand more screens. Right now, Junhyung and Spellman’s homework is not to explode. Next, if that doesn’t work, you can play a better game than now when you hit the next game. Of course, even if Junhyung can’t attack, he’s active in defense, so it’s okay even if he doesn’t score.”

KGC clearly brought the series lead and the atmosphere is good. Oh Se-geun is showing the best performance in the championship match ever, and there are many players who show explosive power in the right place. Spellman also dominated the second half of Game 3 and made a turning point.

If Byun Jun-hyung explodes, it seems that it will be the culmination of the combined victory. SK was exhausted and KGC changed the mood. In a short-term game, an ace should play an active role in this situation. Byun Junhyung wasn’t angry yet. Just as he said his play was good when he was angry, now is the time to really get angry. Just like the Saiyans in “Dragon Ball”. The director and colleagues are waiting for him. If he reciprocates the faith, he looks like it will be a unified win.

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