Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = Veteran left-handed pitcher Cha Woo-chan (36), who left the LG Twins to join the Lotte Giants after the season ended last year, was excluded from the roster for the second spring camp.

The Lotte team announced on the 18th, “11 people including Cha Woo-chan, Choi Jun-yong, Kim Do-gyu, Lee Min-seok, Jeong Seong-jong, Jin Seung-hyun, Choi Yi-jun, Kang Tae-yul, Kim Se-min, Kim Joo-hyun and Choi Min-jae will join the Sangdong camp from the 21st.”

The Lotte 1st team, which consisted of 13 coaching staff and 47 players, departed for Guam on the 1st and conducted the first camp while undergoing physical and technical training.

After returning to Korea on the 19th, Lotte plans to leave for Okinawa, Japan on the 20th, and conduct camps focusing on actual combat. On the 22nd and 24th, they will have a practice game against the Chiba Lotte Marines 2nd team on Ishigaki Island, and will move to the main island of Okinawa on the 27th to play six practice games against KBO league teams.

Previously, on the 16th, 5 people, including Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon, Han Tae-yang, Jo Se-jin and Jang Doo-seong, returned home midway, and this time, 11 additional people fell from the first team camp.

An official from Lotte explained, “From the second camp in Japan, we have formed a team of players who can compete in real battles in consideration of conditions.” 바카라

Cha Woo-chan, who was released from LG after being informed that he could not renew his contract and tried to make a comeback at Lotte, sweated hard in the first camp, but he was not in physical condition to be put into actual combat, so he was sent back home.

Cha Woo-chan, who recorded 112 wins and 79 losses in the KBO League, 32 holds, an ERA of 4.51, and 1413 strikeouts, signed a contract with Lotte, which needs an experienced pitcher, for an annual salary of 50 million won (excluding options).

Meanwhile, pitcher Koo Seung-min, who achieved 20 holds for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, will be summoned to the second camp.

In addition, when Lotte moves to the main island of Okinawa, it plans to add playing coach Jeong Tae-seung and four pitchers.

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