Choi Cheol-won, who defended the victory with a dramatic save on his K-League 1 debut stage wearing an FC Seoul uniform, delivered his impressions. 

Choi Cheol-won started in the ‘Gyeongin Derby’ in the opening round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 between FC Seoul and Incheon United held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 25th, guarded the Seoul goal, and made his K League 1 debut.

Choi Cheol-won allowed a chase goal to Oh Ban-seok in the 42nd minute of the second half when the team was leading 2-0, but kept Seoul’s 2-1 win by showing a save show throughout the game. 

In particular, in the extra time (52 minutes) of the second half, he blocked Delbridge’s shot in a chaotic situation with his body, becoming the number one contributor to securing the precious 3 points. Choi Cheol-won recorded four saves as his official record. 

In a post-match interview, Choi Cheol-won said about making his debut in the Seoul uniform, “I was a little nervous and nervous, but I got better and better, so I’m so grateful that I showed a good image to the fans.”

Regarding the save in the last critical crisis situation, Cheol-won Choi replied, “I also played K-League 1 for the first time, so I saw a lot of nervousness without much room. 메이저놀이터

Choi Cheol-won was the signing that Seoul fans expected. Playing for Bucheon FC 1995, he is a goalkeeper with excellent defense skills, ranking first in the K League 2 defense index last season. 

When Choi Cheol-won was asked if he was greedy for being number one in the K-League 1 defense index, Choi Cheol-won said, “It’s good to do it once.” I think it will follow,” he said.

Cheol-Won Choi was flustered by the opponent’s pressure while holding the ball during a practice game during winter training, and lost the ball and conceded a goal. There was an uneasy look at this point, but on this day, Incheon responded well and finished the game without mistakes.

Regarding this, Choi Cheol-won said, “It was really the first time in Seoul to officially play build-up (attack work) soccer. .

He added, “I learned a lot there, and in fact, I think it’s a process of making up for the failure little by little. Because there is such a failure, I think it will be a stepping stone for me to feel different and grow.”

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