Is Chinese football reviving? Naturalized players of Chinese nationality are aiming for re-entry into the national team.

The 2023 AFC Asian Cup Qatar group draw scheduled for the 11th. The Chinese national football team is listed as a second-tier team with Iraq-UAE-Oman-Uzbekistan-Jordan.

Local media reported that Yankovic, coach of the Chinese national soccer team, is considering selecting naturalized nationals. Elkeson (Aikesson) and Fernandinho (Finanduo), who have returned to the Chinese stage, as well as Aloisio dos Santos (Luo Guo-fu) and Alan Carvalho (Alang), who are active in Brazil, can be included in the list.

Of course, the mainstream opinion is that destructive power is not as good as it used to be. Aloisio, who showed his best performance as a mercenary, is already 34 years old and is recording 6 goals and 3 assists in 15 games in the 2023 season in all competitions, including Brazil’s Serie A.

However, he did not show an overwhelming performance, such as recording 4 goals and 1 assist in Campeonato Mineiro, a regional tournament in Mineiro where local teams such as soccer-centered Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo were missing.토토사이트

Elkeson also scored only 4 goals in 741 minutes in 23 games in Brazil’s Serie B (second division) last season. In terms of time, one goal in 200 minutes was a record that could not be glimpsed in the past when he dominated the field.

However, Zhang Yuning (Beijing Guoan) is practically the only player who can play the striker role in China, so the Chinese national team seems to have no choice but to ask for help from veterans in their 30s or older.

Elkesson was also recently rumored to have lost weight in order to qualify for the national team.

In addition, naturalized people being considered as candidates are three active people in China, Nico Jenaris, Tyres Browning, and Dai Weijun.

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