I took the leading Hyundai E&C, but I couldn’t laugh comfortably. GS Caltex’s main gun Moma collapsed with an injury.

GS Caltex won a home game against Hyundai E&C in the 4th round of the Dodram V-League Women’s Division in the 2022-2023 season held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th. After a full set match, they won the set score 3-2 (25-22, 19-25, 19-25, 25-23, 15-12). 메이저사이트

While continuing the upward trend of three consecutive wins, he occupied an advantageous position for advancing to spring volleyball. GS Caltex, who won 2 points, recorded 11 wins, 11 losses and 33 points, surpassing Korea Expressway Corporation (32 points) and rose to third place.

In the 4th set, where the score was 1-2, foreign player Moma had to leave due to injury. However, domestic players, including Moon Ji-yoon (4 points), who was put in place for Moma, showed their concentration and reversed the situation. Director Cha applauded, saying, “Moma was injured, but Moon Ji-yoon made up for it well.” “The 4th set was a crisis, but the players came together well.”

Mo Ma collapsed clutching his left knee during the fourth set. The GS Caltex team ahead of the away game against Pepper Savings Bank on the 23rd will move to Gwangju immediately after the game, but Moma will remain in Seoul and receive medical treatment tomorrow morning.

Director Cha explained, “I will have to make a decision based on the results of the checkup, but I hope I can focus on rehabilitation while taking a break.” Considering the remaining game schedule, we plan to give MoMA a break as much as possible.

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