In the middle of the season, the story of coach Snyder, who took the baton, was short and bold.

The Atlanta Hawks lost 120-128 to the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the 1st round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on the 28th (Korean time). Atlanta went 2-4 in the series and was eliminated from the playoffs.

Even though they got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, no one will point the finger at Atlanta. Atlanta, the 7th seed, harassed the 2nd seed Boston to the end.

On this day, the game continued to be a tight game until the 4th quarter. However, in the match, Boston’s Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum played an active role, but Atlanta’s Young was silent and joys and sorrows were mixed. In the end, the last one was the difference between the two teams.

Atlanta has been eventful this season. From the beginning of the season, there was a creak and noise that did not stop. Rumors of a feud between team ace Young and manager Nate McMillan were raised. On top of that, there were even rumors that other teammates also hated Young and sided with manager McMillan.

In the end, manager McMillan was sacked due to poor performance, and Quinn Snyder, who led the Utah Jazz, took over as manager.

Atlanta’s performance has been revived since Snyder took over as manager. The rumors of discord also disappeared here. It quickly proved the reason for the five-year deal Atlanta offered Snyder.토토사이트

After reorganizing the team under coach Snyder, Atlanta finished the season in 8th place in the Eastern Conference, advanced to the play-in tournament, and advanced to the playoffs with a surprise win against the archenemy Miami Heat. There was a big difference in power with Boston, but he showed the potential to win two games.

In an interview after the playoff elimination, Young said, “With Snyder, I think Atlanta can win.” This interview shows how much Young trusts Snyder.

Coach Snyder said, “We did our best. It’s difficult to face a strong team like Boston. I think it was a good experience. But we will not give up and will try again.”

Atlanta’s season is over, but unlike last season, it was a season where we could look at a positive future. Atlanta, led by Snyder, is expected.

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