An incident occurred where Taiwan was excluded from the WBC promotional poster.

The World Baseball Classic Secretariat (WBCI) released the WBC official promotional poster on the 9th. In the process of revealing the representative players of Group A, which included Taiwan, Cuba, Italy, Panama, and the Netherlands, a controversy occurred except for the Taiwanese players.

In response, it was reported that the president of the Taiwan Professional Baseball League (CPBL) immediately sent a statement of protest to the WBC. 메이저놀이터

The contents of the official statement were not revealed, but a local official in Taiwan said, “The WBC would have criticized China for noticing it,” he said.

Taiwan competes in the WBC as Chinese Taipei, as in many international competitions such as the Olympics and Asian Games.

Here, in all competitions, the ‘five rings flag’ with the emblem of the Olympic Committee, not the official national flag, is raised.

This is because Taiwan is not recognized as an official country. That’s why Taiwan thinks it’s ‘discrimination in China’s eyes’ even if it’s a trivial problem.

According to CPBL, it is known that the WBCI posted an official apology and released a new poster featuring Lin Zhiwei as a representative of Taiwan.

WBCI president Jim Shi signed his own name, saying, “I admit that I accidentally released a poster that did not include Taiwanese players.” I’m rooting for you to take it,” he said.

On the other hand, although this controversy ended with a protest happening, the controversy in Taiwan still does not die down.

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