“Don’t shake Oh Seung-hwan. He is the pitcher I trust the most.”

Samsung coach Park Jin-man showed unwavering faith in closer Oh Seung-hwan (41). There are a lot of comments about Seunghwan Oh’s pitch, but he conveys trust without wavering.

Coach Park said, “Oh Seung-hwan is still the pitcher who throws the best ball among our team’s bullpen pitchers. It’s true that his ball power has gone down a bit, but he’s still top-notch. More than anything, he is a pitcher I believe in. He hopes he hasn’t rocked it outside,” he said.

Oh Seung-hwan was once a pitcher famous for his ‘stone fastball’.

The “rising fastball,” which was given because his ball felt like it was rising in front of the batter, was Oh’s greatest weapon. Closers who could overwhelm batters with power were highly trusted within the team.

But recently, this fastball has lost a lot of power. Compared to his prime, the speed itself has fallen by more than 3 km.

The movement of the ball tip also decreased. I can’t throw a ball that can overwhelm with power like before.

However, Seunghwan Oh has a weapon called experience. He has a career that has gone through countless crises.

The power of his speed and fastball has obviously declined, but he is a pitcher with a variety of breaking balls and control that can make up for him.

Oh Seung-han is often remembered as a pitcher who only threw hard with fast balls, but Oh’s real strength was evaluated as his control.

Team A’s power analysis team leader said, “Oh Seung-hwan is a pitcher with outstanding control. He wasn’t a pitcher who just hit by force. The reason why he can have faith even though his strength has fallen a little lately is because of his control. He still has the ability to throw the ball exactly where he wants. This is why Oh Seung-hwan can still take on Samsung’s finisher. He is a pitcher who has the power to overcome a crisis with control and a variety of ball combinations. I don’t think director Park Jin-man is saying that he believes for nothing.”

If Seunghwan Oh had been a pitcher without control, he would have collapsed long ago. If he was a pitcher who only believed in the power of his fastball, he should be crawling on the floor by now.

However, Oh Seung-hwan is still showing top-notch finishing skills. Stable control and improved ability to use breaking balls are a plus factor.

Director Park Jin-man said, “My faith in Oh Seung-hwan has never wavered. Last year, the extreme sluggishness in July was a fatal blow to both the team and the individual, but I believe that the same failure will not be repeated. Oh Seung-hwan is still a reliable closer who can make more than 30 saves. He is a key player in our team this season as well. He wishes he hadn’t rocked this and that on the outside. I hope that the director’s faith is not shaken and he will do his best.” 메이저놀이터

now over forty. It is difficult to show his strength as clearly as he was in his prime. However, Oh Seung-hwan has control and rich experience. He is a pitcher who can make up for the strength of a dropped ball end with two weapons.

He is the closer the manager believes the most, no matter what anyone says outside. Samsung’s closer is Oh Seung-hwan this season, and Oh has the strength to live up to that belief.

It remains to be seen whether Oh Seung-hwan can overcome the uneasy gaze from the outside and continue to take responsibility for Samsung’s back door.

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