Reporter Lee Eui-jin = With the deadline for the European football winter transfer market approaching within a day, it is understood that English professional football Premier League (EPL) clubs spend over 830 billion won, the highest ever.

The British BBC reported on the 30th that EPL teams spent 550 million pounds (approximately 836 billion won) in this transfer market, which ends at 11:00 pm on the 31st local time through its own analysis.

In Korea time, it is until February 1st at 8:00 am.

This is the highest record ever, and the size will increase if the teams in last minute negotiations reach an agreement and additional transfers are confirmed.

The previous high was £430 million (about 653 billion won) recorded in January 2018.

This year, there is a possibility that the record for the highest amount of transactions made on the last day will be broken.

The previous record was set during the 2011 move of former Spain striker Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea.

At the time, Chelsea paid 50 million pounds (about 76 billion won) to Liverpool as a transfer fee.

The number one candidate to break this record is also Chelsea.

Chelsea offered Benfica (Portugal) a transfer fee of 105.6 million pounds (approximately 160 billion won) to bring in midfielder Enso Fernandez, who won the Qatar World Cup Young Player Award.

Both sides are still negotiating.

The BBC predicted that Everton, who hastily appointed manager Sean Dyche to escape the relegation zone, is also likely to bring in an additional player on the last day of the transfer market.

EPL teams also broke spending records in the transfer market last summer, spending a combined £1.9 billion (about 2.89 trillion won). It far surpassed the previous high of £1.4 billion in 2017.

The total spending of one season, including the summer and winter transfer markets, is currently at least £2.5 billion (approximately 3.8 trillion won). This is also an all-time high.

The team leading this trend is definitely Chelsea.

Owner Todd Borley, who became the owner of Chelsea after Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, spent over 200 million pounds by bringing seven people to the market this winter alone. 바카라사이트

In particular, in the middle of this month, he decided to pay a transfer fee of up to 89 million pounds (approximately 130 billion won) to Shakhtar (Ukraine) by ‘hijacking’ Mudrik with new Ukrainian winger Mikhailo.

Hijacking is the act of intercepting a player who is certain to be transferred to a specific team right before joining, and Mudrik was originally a player Arsenal put a lot of effort into recruiting.

Wolverhampton, where Hwang Hee-chan plays, also released his wallet in the market this winter to escape the relegation zone.

Wolverhampton, who brought Brazilian striker Matheus Cunha on loan from Atletico Madrid (Spain), strengthened the offensive line by recruiting winger Pablo Sarabia from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France) in the middle of this month.

Midfielder Mario Lemina and defender Craig Dawson also wore Wolverhampton kits this month.

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