“The players played hard, but the result came out unfortunately. I’m sorry too, but I was lacking.”

Changwon LG lost 75-82 in the 2022-2023 STK A-Dot Professional Basketball Ulsan Hyundai Mobis away game held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 24th. LG, who failed to win 5 consecutive wins in the season and 8 consecutive away wins, recorded 20 wins and 13 losses, maintaining second place, half a game ahead of third-place Hyundai Mobis.

LG allowed 7 points in a row for 2 minutes from about 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter, trailing 32-36, and allowed a double-digit score gap of 32-43. Still, it did not break easily. They caught up 55-57 in the middle of the third quarter. This time, the third quarter finish was not good. Lost 12 points in a row. In the fourth quarter, they pursued 66-73, but failed to overturn the game.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun said after the defeat that day, “The players played hard, but the result came out unfortunately. I’m sorry too, but I was lacking. I couldn’t catch the opponent’s irregular defense in the 1st and 2nd quarters. I think of it after losing that the 3rd quarter, which was the point of battle, was not enough to appoint players. It was burdensome that the big man Jin got into foul trouble early. That was not good for us,” he said, looking back at the game, saying, “I think it is encouraging to win the rebound (33-31) fight as ordered, and I am grateful that it did not collapse easily and followed until the end.” 메이저사이트

When asked what it would take for LG to remain at the top or become more competitive in the playoffs, coach Jo Sang-hyun said, “I think it is weak against irregular defenses or teams that press. This part needs to go out more delicately through the screen,” he said. “We have the advantage of Marey. The ball comes out easily from Marey or the ball catching position is good (outside players), so we need to prepare for traps and develop ways to attack.”

Justin Gutang’s playing time was only 5 minutes and 44 seconds.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “There were mistakes (3), and Hyundai Mobis made a lot of irregular defense. Gutang is weak in this case. I had a day off, so I took Lee Jae-do and Lee Kwan-hee for a long time. Gutang also needs to adapt to Korean basketball. Korean basketball has a lot of converted defenses or regional defenses. In that case, you need to adapt quickly instead of just playing the pick game as you think. That is my homework,” he said. “I plan to think about whether to use Yang Jun-seok, Gutang, or Lee Jae-do for a longer period of time. Not only Hyundai Mobis, but also the opposing team and we continue to prepare (for irregular defense). You have to quickly adapt to such things and prepare by watching the video to find out where your weakness is.”

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