188 cm tall and model-like body. Prominent long hair and formidable skills. An outstanding rookie appeared on the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour. He did not hide his determination to “challenge for the rookie of the year award with fan service and fancy ceremonies.” Korean Tour rookie Lee Yoo-seok (23, Woosung General Construction) aimed his spectacular debut season.

Lee Yu-seok, who started playing golf at the age of 12, entered the Korean Tour, where the best players in Korea gather, after 11 years. He obtained associate membership in April of last year, and within a month he won the Srixon Tour (2nd division tour), proving that he is a promising cotyledon. His first victory on the Srixon Tour was won after a 5-game overtime match, and he won 3 victories in his debut season alone, including lifting the trophy in the next tournament. Showing off his unusual skills even after becoming a regular member (tour pro), he secured a Korean Tour seed by ranking third in Srixon points (44809.98 points) last year.

Having gained experience on the Korean tour during the Srixon tour, he passed the cut three times in four tournaments. In the Honors K · Solago CC One Piece Invitational, he tied for 14th, proving his competitiveness. Lee Yu-seok said, “I felt that I had enough competitiveness in the Korean Tour,” but “It is not easy to play on the green in the Korean Tour compared to the Srixon Tour. The pin location is also tricky,” he first mentioned the point to be supplemented. 온라인카지노

During training camp in Palm Springs, California, USA, he said, “I am making up for my shortcomings by training mainly for the short game.” Lee Yoo-seok, who was a Lotte fan of the KBO League and started growing his hair after being inspired by finisher Kim Won-joong, said, “Six years ago, when I was in the PGA Tour gallery, I followed Gary Woodland around. As he followed him around every round, he even received a glove from Woodland,” he emphasized.

Although he has a slim physique, he can hit long shots over 300 yards. Because when he swings hard, his accuracy goes down. He said, “The technical part is important, but he thinks mind control is essential to maintain composure during the game. With a strong and positive mentality, he doesn’t care about leaderboards or companion play, and my play is competitive.”

The Korean Tour, which dreams of revival, is thirsty for the appearance of so-called ‘visual stars’. Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’, is a world-class superstar, and it is not only because of his superior skills that he continues to enjoy unwavering popularity as an icon even before 1,000 people. The same goes for Ishikawa Ryo (32) of Japan. If there are many players with eye-catching looks and skills, the cloud gallery gathers. If Lee Yu-seok realizes his goal, there is a high possibility that a spring breeze will blow on the Korean tour.

Lee Yoo-seok, who said, “I get excited when I think of playing in front of the gallery,” revealed his strong aspirations, saying, “My goal this year is to win the rookie award and enter the top 10 in Genesis points.”

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