Atletico Madrid is ‘soaked’ by the rain in Seoul.

The Atletico Madrid squad, led by Diego Simeone (53),메이저놀이터 began training at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on Saturday. Atletico Madrid will play a preseason friendly against Team K League, coached by Hong Myung-bo, at 8 p.m. on the 27th in the Coupang Play Series.

Simeone, who trained at the Seongnam Football Center, the clubhouse of Seongnam FC, this morning before the afternoon session, said: “It was the first day of training. We focused on jet lag and adapting to the environment. It’s important to win the game against the other team. We have young players who play in the local league and have made it to the first team. We want to share their strength and passion with the fans,” he said, explaining that they focused on adjusting to the Korean environment for the first time.

[OSEN=Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seung-woo Jung].
Simeone added: “Every player will be given enough time. I’m going to give them a fair amount of time,” Simeone said, adding that he would play his players evenly.

Immediately after the press conference, Simeone, Antoine Griezmann, and the rest of the Atletico players took to the turf at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. After a brief warm-up, they soon took to the field to play an 8v8 minigame with two goals set up near the center circle of the stadium.

From Rodrigo de Paul and Angel Correa, who won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year, to “Captain” Koke and Griezmann, the French national team’s all-time leading scorer (43 goals in 121 games), the players threw themselves generously onto the wet Seoul turf.

[OSEN=Seoul World Cup Stadium, Reporter Seungwoo Jung]
It was a bizarre day. The sky over Seoul was bright with the sun peeking out, but it was also pouring down with thick, steady raindrops. During training, Griezmann would open his arms to check if it was raining.

Suddenly, a large amount of rain fell, and the field was flooded with water. The balls that the players kicked didn’t bounce as well, and their soccer shoes quickly became soaked.

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But this was Atlético Madrid, the ‘home of Spain’. Regardless of the weather, they kept training. The players were in good spirits.

The open training session lasted about 50 minutes and ended with a short concluding message from Simeone to the squad, and the ‘drenched’ players clapped for the Korean fans who were in attendance. The fans responded with a rousing ovation.

Simeone’s side will next face Hong Myung-bo’s K-League side at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sunday at 8 p.m. in a preseason friendly in the Coupang Play Series.

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