The Atlanta Braves have an emergency.

According to, the official MLB website, on the 5th (Korean time), Atlanta registered ace Max Fried (29) on the 15-day injured list (IL).

Fried started against the Washington Nationals on the 31st of last month and led lead batter Dominic Smith to a ground ball to first base in the 4th inning. After he pitched, he quickly went into first base cover, experiencing discomfort in his left hamstring in the process. Fried, who was fiddling with his calf, went down the mound immediately after checking his physical condition as a practice pitcher. “He’s likely to be enrolled in the IL,” Atlanta coach Brian Snicker said at the time. He checked his physical condition for several days, but ultimately failed to avoid IL. 토토사이트

Fried is Atlanta’s No. 1 starter. He debuted in the big leagues in 2017 and had a career record of 54 wins and 25 losses with an ERA of 3.09 until last season. Last year, he won 14 wins (7 losses) for two consecutive years, placed second in the National League Cy Young Award voting, and received the Gold Glove (GG) in the pitcher category for three consecutive years. For Atlanta, Fried’s departure is expected to act as a variable at the beginning of the season, which is not small. First of all, coach Snicker called up Bryce Elder (24), a right-handed pitcher from Triple-A in the minor leagues. Elder debuted in the big leagues last year and pitched in 10 games (9 starting games), recording a 2-4 record with a 3.17 ERA.  

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