Since its inception, Gimcheon Sangmu U18 has been performing at the highest level, winning games against strong teams like Pohang U18 and Ulsan U18.

Currently, Gimcheon Sangmu U18 is in sixth place in Group B with three wins, two draws, and two losses in the first half of the K League Junior National High School Soccer League. Last year, Gimcheon Sangmu U18 finished the second half of the 2022 K League Junior League in poor form, winning just one of their 10 matches in the lower division. However, there is no sign of that now.

The 2023 K-League Junior League will play the second half of the league in the top division after the first 10 matches of the first half of the season. It’s a crucial time for Gimcheon Sangmu U18, who have just four matches left in the first half of the season. The team will step up their preparations for the remaining four matches and aim for their first top division finish since their inception.

Park Tae-min, head coach of Gimcheon Sangmu U18, said, “The players’ confidence increased a lot after winning against a strong team. However, for youth players, the content is more important than the result. We will focus on helping our third-year players get into their target universities.”

Gimcheonmu is on a roll, even producing age-group national teams

On March 28, Gimcheon Sangmu U18 GK Lee Si-heon was named to the squad for the third training session in preparation for the 2023 AFC U17 Asian Cup. This was a first for the Gimcheon youth. His performance at the ’24th Baekwoongi National High School Football Tournament’ in February led to his call-up to the national team.

Gimcheon Sangmu U18 competed in the ‘Baekwoongi National High School Football Tournament’ in February and finished as runners-up. Lee conceded just one goal in six games from the qualifiers to the semifinals. In the quarterfinals against Seogwipo Football Center, he made two saves in the penalty shootout to help the team advance to the quarterfinals, and in the semifinals, he kept a clean sheet against powerhouse Ulsan Hyundai. In addition to showcasing his individual prowess as a goalkeeper, Lee also contributed to his team’s run to the final.

“I was happy to be part of the national team training for the first time,” said Lee. It’s a shame that I didn’t show my full potential, but I’m only a sophomore, so I’m sure I’ll get another chance. I will focus on the league and show my growth.”

Lee Si-heon hasn’t been named to the training roster since, but he’ll be looking for opportunities in the ongoing K League Junior National High School Soccer League.

After winning the Gyeongbuk People’s Football Tournament, the team is preparing for the 104th National Games

Gimcheon Sangmu U18 is aiming to qualify for the national tournament after winning the Gyeongbuk People’s Football Championship. The 104th National Sports Games, scheduled to be held in October, will select provincial representatives through summer qualifiers.토토사이트

Gimcheon Sangmu U18 head coach Park Tae-min cites center backs Shim Yeon-won and Kim Jung-hoon as key points. Shim, the captain, was recognized for his performance at the Baekwoongi High School Football Tournament, where he won the Most Valuable Player award. Kim Jung-hoon is a big man at 187 centimeters, but his speed makes him an excellent defender. These two players will be responsible for the central defense of Gimcheon Sangmu U18.

Meanwhile, Gimcheon Sangmu U18 will play Jeonbuk Hyundai U18 in the 2023 K League Junior U18 Group B on May 27 at 10:30 a.m. at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse.

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