Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = Sangmu Kim U18 team will participate in the ’24th Baegungi High School Soccer Tournament’ to be held in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do from the 14th.

The goal of the Gimcheon U-18 team, which is the first to participate in the Baek Woon-gi high school soccer tournament, is to advance to the semifinals. 메이저놀이터

The 24th Baegungi High School Soccer Tournament is hosted by the Korea Football Association, Gwangyang City, and the Gwangyang City Sports Association, and supervised by the Jeonnam Football Association and the Gwangyang City Football Association, with a total of 39 high school teams participating.

The Kim Chun Sangmu U18 team will be assigned to Group C and will play against Taeyang FC U-18 on the 14th (Tuesday), followed by Yongmun High School and Jucheon High School. There are a total of 10 groups, and the first place in each group advances to the round of 16. The 2nd place team advances to the round of 20. The venue for the match is a soccer field.

Head coach Park Tae-min, who has led Gimcheon U-18 since last year, said, “I hope that the players will grow one step further through this tournament. Currently, there are a lot of injured people, so there is a burden of having to compete with a small number of people. The more we do, the more we will unite as one team and bring both performance and results.”

At the same time, coach Park Tae-min mentioned captain Shim Yeon-won as a player worth noting. Sim Yeon-won plays a big role in leading the team from the center of the pitch as a center back.

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