Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop is a former star player in the KBO.

He’s a new manager, but he has a big advantage. Even star players who fly and crawl bow their heads in front of him. This is because he is a big legendary manager that everyone has to recognize.

He also has fewer conflicts with the veteran group.

There were quite a few people who tried to artificially organize the veteran group when a new manager was appointed. In some cases, conflicts with the veteran group were amplified by the move to quickly reorganize the team with younger players who were relatively ‘well-behaved’.

Lee is in a position to see the veterans for what they are, without prejudice.

He doesn’t give them special privileges, but he doesn’t prejudge them either. If they’re good, he’ll use them, and if they’re not, he won’t.

Regarding Jang Won-jun, who was given the chance to start against Jamsil Samsung on the 23rd and reached the long-awaited 130-win milestone, Lee said, “I didn’t give him the chance to start specifically because he’s Jang Won-jun. It’s because he was rated the best in the Futures League.” Jang was removed from the roster on April 24 after Young-gun Kim rebounded with five scoreless innings for Samsung Electronics. There was no immediate need for a replacement.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop congratulated Jang Won-jun on his milestone on Thursday and added his own experience.

“When you get older, there are physical and mental changes, and it’s a world of difference from when you were in your twenties. If you get stuck in your thoughts and can’t get out of them, you’ll plummet. If you know your condition and find the right form for you, I think the time to fall will be slower.”

In the Futures League, Jang added one win in 1844 days with a changeable pitch. It was a worthwhile effort and a worthwhile change.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop shared his thoughts on the veterans.

“I hope the veterans do well. You can’t play a season with only young players. Just being in the dugout gives strength to the juniors, and even if they don’t perform well, they can become captains or dugout leaders. The new structure means that there is a good relationship between seniors and juniors. It’s a team effort. Even if the veterans don’t play, if they are centered in the dugout, it’s bound to be a good team. I want the veterans to play in the first team for a long time.”

On the 25th, at Jamsil Samsung Electronics, the veteran beasts came together to give the manager a winning series in extra innings.

Yang Seok-hwan hit a game-winning RBI double in the third inning after trailing 0-1.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, down 2-3, Yang came to the plate with a sore body and hit a two-run double down the left field line. He sprinted to second base despite the pain in his right shin, which he injured the day before. Kim Jae-ho laid down a good sacrifice bunt to put runners on first and third, and Jung Soo-bin followed with a bunt single to tie the game at 3-3.토토사이트

In the bottom of the 11th inning, the veterans took the lead in the upset drama.

Kim Jae-hwan led off the inning with a hard grounder to second base that led to an error. With two outs, Kim Jae-ho took a 2B1S fastball and dropped it in front of the left fielder with a short swing.

It was the game-winning hit to make it 4-3. It was the fourth hit of his career and the first in 1083 days since June 6, 2020, against the Jamsil KIA Tigers.After the game, Lee said, “Choi Jae-ho gave the team a valuable win with his best hit. Both his aiming and hitting were perfect.” The same scene that Lee praised.

A game where you could feel the power of the veterans who read the flow of the game and responded appropriately. This is the strength of the Doosan Bears that coach Lee Seung-yeop wants to see.

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