Men’s professional volleyball Korean Air continued its run toward the unified championship for three consecutive years.

Korean Air won with a set score of 3-0 (25-18 25-17 25-23) in the home game against OK Financial Group in the 6th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Division held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon.

Korean Air, who won 3 points by winning a ‘shutout’ without losing a single set with perfect performance, accumulated 65 points (22 wins, 9 losses) this season and lost 1 point to Hyundai Capital (64 points, 21 wins, 1 loss) the previous day. The top spot was reclaimed in one day.

On the other hand, OK Financial Group, which is competing fiercely with Woori Card and KEPCO for third place, could not overcome the high wall of Korean Air.

‘Competition to win’ Busy Korean Air, can’t afford to give up even one set Korean Air, which  

gave away the first place again after Hyundai Capital won a shutout win to Woori Card the day before, overwhelmed OK Financial Group from the start of the game. Jeong Ji-seok shook the receiving line with a powerful serve, and Lincoln Williams’ bold back attack exploded, leading the team by 18-9, a whopping 9 points. 

OK Financial Group, which was revived by the attack of newcomer Shin Shin-jin, also narrowed the gap by 6 points by belatedly chasing in the second half of the set, but after breathing a sigh with Lincoln and Jeong Han-yong’s consecutive quick-opens, OK Financial Group’s crime came out to finish the first set. brought 

The second set was not significantly different. Korean Air took the lead in the attack with a serve targeting the signals of OK Financial Group, which was unstable in receiving. In particular, Jeong Ji-seok scored in various ways such as serve, open attack, back attack, and blocking.

Korean Air faltered for a while as their attacking hands and feet did not match in the middle of the set. However, OK Financial Group also made a mistake and failed to seize the opportunity. In the end, Korean Air won the second set with ease, driving OK Financial Group to the edge of the cliff.

OK Financial Group, which desperately needed 1 victory point even if it lost, squeezed its strength in the third set. Shin Ho-jin struggled alone, but Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo) and Cha Ji-hwan came back to life and harassed Korean Air until the end of the set. 

However, OK Financial Group’s efforts were too late to turn the game around, and Korean Air, which had various offensive cards with Lim Dong-hyuk, won the 3rd set and won. 

Neutralizing opponent’s blocking… Han’s ‘Toss Show’

Korean Air led the attack with Jung Ji-seok scoring 18 points and Lincoln scoring 12 points. Jeong Han-yong, who took the place of Kwak Seung-seok, also scored 10 points, and Cho Jae-young added strength with decisive consecutive blocking at the end of the third set.

However, as the main setter, ‘Field Commander’ Han player made a brilliant toss, which made Korean Air’s attack stand out even more. Player Han overcame the crisis by attempting a bold quick attack and back attack whenever OK Financial Group chased. 메이저놀이터

OK Financial Group had difficulty making a blocking line throughout the game as it could not keep up with one player’s toss. In the end, one of the reasons for the defeat was that they were defeated by Korean Air 3-7 in the blocking match that day. 

Player Han, a setter representing the V-League beyond Korean Air, has become a 39-year-old veteran who is looking at the Buddha, but due to the nature of the setter, as he accumulates experience, he is showing a seasoned game management.

Although Korean Air is competing fiercely for first place with Hyundai Capital this season, it can be said that it is thanks to Han’s performance that the team’s attack success rate was 54.39%, leading the second place Hyundai Capital (52.10%) by a large gap. .

As Han Seon-do enters the final stages of the regular season, his physical strength cannot be avoided. However, whenever the team slacks off, there is one player who is determined to win, so Korean Air is challenging the combined championship for the third consecutive year. 

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