The Samsung Lions pulled off an upset win over the first-place LG Twins. Starter David Buchanan and catcher Min-ho Kang shined.

Samsung won a 5-4 home game against LG in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League on Thursday at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. With the win, Samsung improved to 38 wins (54 losses, 1 tie)메이저놀이터 on the season and began to climb out of last place. LG saw its winning streak snapped at seven.

Buchanan shines on the mound. Samsung starter Buchanan recorded a Quality Start+ (7+ innings, 3 earned runs or less) with 5 hits, 3 walks, and 2 strikeouts in 7 innings, setting the stage for the team’s comeback win.

Buchanan pitching again after complaining of hand cramps in the seventh inning. Courtesy of Samsung

On this day in particular, Buchanan showed off his injury fighting spirit. After cruising with his offense, Buchanan grabbed his hand in pain in the seventh inning. His hand was cramping. The trainer, pitching coach Kwon Oh-jun, and manager Park Jin-man took the mound to check on Buchanan, but he didn’t seem to be recovering. But Buchanan was determined to keep throwing, and when he returned to the mound, he struck out batter Park Hae-min with his non-intact hand to complete his Quality Start+ mission.

The batters responded to Buchanan’s commitment. With the score tied at 2-3 in the bottom of the seventh, the leadoff hitter Kang Kang-ul singled, Kim Tae-hoon sacrificed, and Lee Jae-hyun singled to tie the game. After giving up another run in the top of the eighth inning, the team battled back in the bottom of the inning. Two batters later, Ryu Ji-hyuk and Koo Ja-rook singled to put runners on second and third, and then Kang Min-ho came in and hit a two-run double to make it 5-4. On this day, Kang Min-ho did his part by hitting the tying and game-winning home runs.

Kang Min-ho celebrates his game-winning home run in the fourth inning. Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung then sent Oh Seung-hwan to the mound, and he closed out the ninth inning with a triple play to secure the win.

This season, Samsung has more come-from-behind losses than come-from-behind wins. Prior to today’s game, the team had suffered 28 come-from-behind losses (1st in the league) and 14 come-from-behind wins (9th). However, they came from behind in this game to add an upset win and catch the No. 1 team on a winning streak.

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