Ryu Hyun-jin, 36, of the Toronto Blue Jays, has surprised many with his resilience as he prepares to return to the major leagues.

The Athletic wrote about Ryu’s return to the big leagues on Friday (25 June).

Ryu rejoined the major league roster on the 22nd after his fourth rehab appearance. There is still no exact timetable for his return. However, he will join the team and throw a simulated game in front of manager John Schneider. He’ll be pitching against teammates and at a higher level than in the minors. If he receives a perfect score, he will be called up immediately.

Ryu Hyun-jin (left) trains with a teammate. Toronto Blue Jays Official SNS

The Athletic had a number of things to say about Ryu, but one thing that stood out was the praise for his resilience.카지노

Ryu was off the mound for about 13 months last year after undergoing Tommy John surgery to repair ligaments in his elbow. Despite the lengthy absence, he returned to the mound and immediately pitched well. In 18 rehab appearances, he has a 2.00 ERA with 16 strikeouts and four runs allowed in 18 innings. In addition to his computerised pitches that allowed just one walk in 18 innings, his fastball also touched 90.8 mph (146.1 km/h), indicating that he was in perfect shape.

Ryu Hyun-jin (No. 99) pitches perfectly in his rehabilitation appearance. Buffalo Bisons SNS

‘The Athletic’ commented, “(Ryu’s return) is a remarkable development. After the announcement of his Tommy John surgery in June last year, there was speculation that we wouldn’t see Ryu (who is eligible for free agency after the 2023 season) in a Toronto uniform again. After all, it’s not easy to come back from major surgery. But nearly a year later, Ryu’s return is right around the corner, and that in itself is worthy of (high) praise,” he wrote.

“There is Justin Verlander (40-New York Mets), who has had great success with the Tommy John surgery among starters over the age of 35, but he is a different kind of starter than Ryu. Even if Ryu doesn’t win the Cy Young, if he can pitch enough innings to give other starters a break and give them a boost to rest, (his return) will be successful.”

Meanwhile, Ryu could return as early as August. “Hyun-jin Ryu is expected to rejoin the starting rotation in early August at full strength (when his rehab stint ends),” said Canadian outlet Sportsnet. Toronto begins a gruelling 17-game series against the Los Angeles Angels this weekend, and Ryu is expected to join the starting rotation at least during that stretch.”

Ryu is expected to return as early as early August. Toronto Blue Jays Official Social Media

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