Lotte Giants pitcher Han Hyun-hee expressed her feelings about becoming a winning pitcher in front of a crowd of 10,000. 

Han Hyun-hee started the match against KT Wiz in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 13th, throwing 110 balls in 6 innings, throwing 4 hits, 4 walks, 6 strikeouts and no runs, leading the team to a 5-0 victory. led 

It was the best game Han Hyun-hee threw after opening a new nest in Lotte as a free agent (FA) this season. In the previous 5 games, he had 2 wins (2 losses), but his ERA reached 7.17. Han Hyun-hee threw the longest innings this season, digesting 6 innings that day, and recorded his first quality start with no runs. 

On this day, Han Hyun-hee turned the KT line up based on four-seam fastballs (59) and sliders (45) with a maximum speed of 149 km/h and a changeup (6) with a minimum speed of 127 km/h, and played a perfect pitch without conceding a goal. He walked four times and gave up five lead-off batters, but gave up no runs. After the game, Lotte coach Larry Sutton praised Han Hyun-hee, saying, “Han Hyun-hee delivered a fantastic pitch.” 

Han Hyun-hee, who we met after the game, laughed and said, “I couldn’t interview because I couldn’t throw the last two wins,” and then said, “I feel really good (today). I am grateful to (Yoo) Gangnam hyung who worked so hard to be able to throw well,” she said. 

On this day, Han Hyun-hee played a perfect pitch in front of 18,700 people and 10,000 spectators in Suwon. Lotte fans sitting in the cheering seats for the 3rd base expedition cheered and encouraged Han Hyun-hee, who came down after the 6th inning, chanting his name. 

Han Hyun-hee said, “I got goosebumps. I even cried. It’s the first time I’ve heard (such cheers) because it’s not good in the past few games, so I think I was more emotional,” he recalled the moment at the time. He said, “Originally, my father-in-law and mother-in-law were going to come to watch baseball today, but they didn’t have tickets, so they couldn’t see it.” 토스카지노

Han Hyun-hee threw over 90 balls until the 5th inning, but went up again in the 6th inning and threw a total of 110 pitches. Thanks to this, he was able to set the record for most innings pitched this season. He said, “I told (to the coaching staff) that I wanted to throw more. I was grateful that the coach believed in me and put me up again,” he said. 

A slump that continued at the beginning of the season. Wouldn’t it have been possible to shake off the burden of the past with a good fight on this day? In response, Han Hyun-hee said, “Rather than the burden on his heart, he honestly didn’t care. Because our team will do better (there was no luggage).” 

He said, “Even when I was in Kiwoom Heroes, I didn’t care, thinking that it was a ‘good team’, but I feel that way here too. Everyone prepared well, and I was on the mound today, and I felt reassured by my brothers,” he said with a bright smile. 

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