The height of Hyundai Capital is the highest among the seven men’s clubs in the V-League. 1st place with 2.872 blocks per set. Foreign player Oreol has increased the height, but middle blockers (center) Park Sang-ha (37) and Choi Min-ho (35), who played in the men’s volleyball team, still have a large share. Choi Min-ho is 4th in the league with 0.628 blocks per set, and Park Sang-ha is 6th with 0.554 blocks. Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong answered, “There are experienced middle blockers (Park) Sang-ha and (Choi) Min-ho” when asked, “What is the number one factor in blocking?”

Park Sang-ha and Choi Min-ho also have a great influence on the growth of Song Won-geun (26). Song Won-geun, a graduate of Inha University, is a promising middle blocker who was selected by Hyundai Capital as the 1st pick in the 2nd round of the 2019-2020 rookie draft. Song Won-geun said, “Both Sangha-hyung and Minho-hyung are seniors with really good blocking skills. nothing is missing When the hyungs are blocking, I try to see them a lot. When jumping, even the feeling and step are different from each other, but for me, there are so many things I can see and learn.”

Song Won-geun took a closer look at Park Sang-ha and Choi Min-ho to absorb their strengths. He said, “I want to learn blocking timing from Sang-Ha hyung. I want to emulate the ability to run at the right timing on a course that the opponent might like, rather than simply putting height first.” “Minho-hyung is very quick on his feet and uses his excellent jumping power well, and watching how he chases the opponent, I try to follow him. do,” he explained. 바카라사이트

Song Won-geun has grown even more this season. He played an active part in the home game against Samsung Fire on the 15th with 7 points, including 2 blocks, the most in his individual game. He said, “It seems that his skills improved as he invested a lot of time in practice. Blocking is also better than before.” Manager Choi said, “I know how hard (Song) Won-geun was during the off-season. He has overcome the process well,” he encouraged, saying, “There will continue to be opportunities in the future, and I hope he becomes a player who can do well consistently.”

After finishing this season, Song Won-geun will enlist in the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu). It’s an attitude that I’m going to watch it for a longer period of time, not just this season. I am no longer impatient in the warm-up zone. He said, “When the hyungs don’t work out, I prepare with the thought that I have to go in and do that part as well. Brothers have experience. You can’t catch up in an instant. I am learning a lot and trying to follow slowly.”

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