Reconstruction of Sajik Stadium, professional baseball– Nearby Asiad main stadium is likely
– 20 billion won for field and locker room remodeling
– Concerns over player performance deterioration
– Problems with soccer team and two families under the same roof – Gudeok/Ulsan Munsu
Stadium is also an alternative.

With the plan confirmed, attention is focused on how the professional baseball Lotte Giants game will proceed during the construction period. 토토사이트

Sajik Stadium will be reconstructed with one basement floor and four floors above ground, with a total floor area of ​​61,900 square meters. Construction is expected to begin around July 2026 and open in February 2029. According to the city’s plan, the baseball games that have been held at Sajik Stadium for 35 months, including demolition and trial operation, will inevitably be disrupted.

The city and Lotte club are considering the Busan Asiad Main Stadium first as an alternative stadium during the construction period. This is because it is close to Sajik Stadium, so it has good accessibility and can continuously contribute to revitalizing the local economy. However, it is expected that about 20 billion won will be invested just to change the layout of the field and the internal locker room, so the cost burden is not easy.

The problem doesn’t stop there. Another thing to consider is how well professional baseball players can adapt to the changed stadium. Depending on the adaptation of the players, the performance of the game may change. Lotte, which has not been doing well recently, has to endure ‘strangeness’.

There is also a problem that other sports clubs using the existing Asiad Main Stadium have to move their stadiums in succession. Currently, the Asiad Main Stadium is used as a home stadium for professional soccer teams Busan I-Park and Busan Transportation Corporation soccer teams. A plan to use Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan or Gudeok Stadium in Seo-gu, Busan is also being discussed, but it seems that it will not be easy to decide due to accessibility issues in both places.

Although the city has come up with an ambitious plan, it is unclear whether it will be put into practice. Discussions on the reconstruction of Sajik Stadium began in 2017. At the time, it was more than 30 years since it was built, and 54 renovations were carried out, and the need for remodeling was growing. That year, a plan to build a dome in the form of a baseball stadium was derived through the ‘Sajik Baseball Stadium mid- to long-term development master plan establishment service’. The location was decided through a separate service. However, because the service was suddenly carried out ahead of the local elections, it fell through after the election. Former Mayor Oh Geo-don promised to build a baseball field in the North Port of Busan Port when he was a candidate, but after being elected, it became an ’empty check’.

In the midst of this, in 2018, the Lotte club requested the city to build a baseball field on the redevelopment site of the North Port of Busan Port, entering a new phase. However, in 2019, the city proposed to Lotte to participate in the surrounding complex development including reconstruction of the baseball field on the site of the current Sajik baseball stadium, and the following year, the city and Lotte agreed on a joint declaration related to the reconstruction, and the location changed again.

A Lotte official said, “There have been several changes to the location and stadium shape, but as the plan has been finalized, we will do our best to instill pride in citizens as a mecca for sports by proceeding with reconstruction without errors based on the basic design.”

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