“I want to play like Hollan.”

194 cm. Heo Yul (22, Gwangju FC), who boasts an overwhelming height, dreams of becoming ‘Gwangju’s Elling Hollan (23, Manchester City)’.

Huh Yul took his first step on the professional stage through the 2020 FA Cup. He began to attract attention the following year by scoring his debut goal as well as his league debut.

Huh Yul also contributed to Gwangju’s 2nd division victory by recording 6 goals and 4 assists in the league last season. He suffered some ups and downs in the second half, but with his tall stature and quick feet, he has emerged as an indispensable key player in the Gwangju attack.

Nevertheless, last season remains a ‘regret’ for Heo Yul. “In the first half of last year, until July, I had a lot of attack points and the performance was good. However, since the second half, my form has declined and my playing time has decreased, so my confidence has decreased and it was very difficult,” he said.

Subsequently, Heo Yul diagnosed the problem, saying, “For the first time since his professional debut, he played a full season. In his debut, he only played half a season because of surgery. It seems that he lacked physical strength or tactical skills.”

Heo Yul is sweating hard not to repeat the same mistake. He said, “My muscle mass has increased a little and is about 47%. After the injury, I gained weight up to 96kg, so my body was very heavy, but now I have lost weight to the early 90kg.” I do touch training for 10 to 20 minutes. After team training, I have a short individual training session. It’s nice to have hyungs who jog or do defense training.”

Could it have been taller? According to the official K-League profile, Heo Yul is 192cm tall, but he asked him exactly how tall he was. He said, “I was 192cm in my first year. Now I’m 2cm taller, so I’m 194cm. I’m no longer tall. Last year and the year before last, I was 194cm.” answered.

Heo Yul, who is over 190 cm tall, is a rare resource in Korean soccer. What advice does Director Lee Jeong-hyo give him? He said, “There is something the director always says. ‘Because you’re tall, if you do well, you stand out more. Instead, you look bigger even if you don’t do well’. He emphasizes concentration on trying not to make mistakes.”

Also, “I’m on the fast side, but the coach points out that my reaction is a bit slow (laughs). As I keep getting pointed out on that part on the pitch, I also recognize it and try to make up for it,” he said. I will have more playing time and more confidence, so I think I will be able to play what I want to do on the field.”

Who is your role model? Huh Yul brought up the name of Hollan, who is as tall as himself (195 cm). He said, “My team watches a lot of Man City matches and conceives the game. Tactically and personally, Elling Hollan is very helpful. I want to play like Hollan.”

As such, Heo Yul is focusing on his ability under his feet, not his head. He said, “Ever since the first meeting, the director said he would grow the feet instead of the header. I prefer to play. In Gwangju tactics, the aerial ball will be one of 10,” he explained.

Heo Yul continued, “There are many good examples when you look at Halan. In Dortmund, he ran long distances and scored a lot of goals by penetrating into the back space, and in Man City, he often stayed in the half space and scored in front of the goal. It suits me better. The team itself trains similarly to Manchester City.”

He also references the play of French national team striker Olivier Giroud. Heo Yul said, “I watch a lot of Giroud matches. I watched a lot during this World Cup. Even when Giroud failed to score a single goal in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, I saw an article in which the French coach said that other players could shine thanks to Giroud’s movements. So, there are many videos on YouTube. I was looking for it,” he said. 카지노사이트

Huh Yul was also called by Hwang Seon-hong to coach the U-23 national team in January of last year. He was sweating in Jeju at the time and received one-on-one advice from coach Hwang Seon-hong. Depending on his performance this season, there is a good chance that he will be selected for the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Heo Yul recalled a year ago and said, “The coach, who is Korea’s representative striker, guided me. It certainly helped a lot while training.” If I show myself, I wonder if I can be on the list.”

Cho Kyu-seong, who emerged as a surprise star at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is another motivation for Heo Yul. When the story of Cho Kyu-sung came up, he said, “The age difference isn’t too much.

The same goes for his 2001-year-old Oh Hyun-gyu, who entered Europe last month. Huh Yul said, “As a soccer player, my goal is always to play in Europe.”

Lastly, Huh Yul revealed his goals this season. He said, “I want to score double digits this year. Originally, last year’s goal was double digits. However, it was comforting to have 10 attack points (6 goals, 4 assists). If you are an attacker, you have to score double digits to go to the national team for your age group.” think” He made up his mind.

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