Former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann now wants a move to Tottenham himself.

Germany’s ‘Bild’ said on the 23rd (Korean time), “It is very tempting to join Tottenham for the new season as coach Nagelsmann. Coach Nagelsmann is focusing on being able to go to Tottenham. He is interested in the position of Tottenham manager. There will be,” he reported.

After parting ways with manager Antonio Conte, Tottenham immediately embarked on a search for a new head coach. At this time, the first target was manager Nagelsmann, who was sacked from Munich. Manager Nagelsmann was the top candidate to bring in when Tottenham sacked manager Jose Mourinho about two years ago.토토사이트

Director Nagelsmann is only a young director born in 1987, but the world is paying attention. He hasn’t been successful as a player, but he’s quickly embarked on a career as a coach and is on his way to success. He entered Munich after showing good potential at TSG Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig. Success was expected in Munich as well, but he exposed disappointing aspects such as disagreements with some players and unnecessary press conferences. In the end, he was sacked for poor performance this season.

Even when he was sacked in Munich, manager Nagelsmann had a lukewarm response to Tottenham’s proposal. At the time, Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported that “Tottenham has contacted coach Nagelsmann for the vacant manager position. However, coach Nagelsmann does not want to do anything for the time being. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will immediately take the helm of Tottenham.” have done

Nagelsmann did not want to go to Tottenham but negotiated with Chelsea. He even had a direct meeting with the Chelsea leadership, but Nagelsmann himself gave up going to Chelsea. After deciding not to go to Chelsea, manager Nagelsmann changed his stance and started looking at Tottenham.

If Nagelsmann wants to go to Tottenham, negotiations are likely to proceed swiftly. This is because there are currently no other clubs aiming for Nagelsmann as coach. Coach Nagelsmann once expressed his desire to lead a Premier League (EPL) club someday even during his time at RB Leipzig.

If Nagelsmann’s move to Tottenham is confirmed, it is Bayern Munich who will laugh. Munich have sacked Nagelsmann, but they are still paying him. ‘Bild’ said, “Munich will be delighted with the agreement between Nagelsmann and Tottenham. That will save coach Nagelsmann’s salary, which is estimated at 6.7 million euros (about 9.8 billion won). Also, Munich will be happy with Nagelsmann’s salary. You can even ask for a penalty for the director,” he explained.

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