2023 is the year of the ‘Black Rabbit’. We listened to the preparation process and goals of the representative rabbit players on the KLPGA tour for the 2023 season.

Gayoung Lee and Jungmi Hwang were born in 1999, the year of the Rabbit. The two players have in common that they won the first championship of their dreams in the 2022 season.

Lee Ga-young said, “I plan to focus on fitness and short games during the winter,” and expressed her determination, “In the year of the Rabbit, I will do my best to prepare better and show better results than the 2022 season.”

Hwang Jung-mi said, “I felt physically lacking in the second half of last season. I’m trying to pay attention to my body and physical fitness.” “He expressed his ambition. 바카라사이트

The 14th KLPGA publicity model Park Hyeon-gyeong announced a new leap forward in the year of the rabbit. Park Hyeon-gyeong passed the preliminary round in all competitions she participated in last season, but did not win. Park Hyun-kyung said, “I lacked physical strength, so I lost my concentration.” “I will prepare thoroughly this year so that there will be more happy days than hard days,” he promised to promote.

Ahn Ji-hyun and Choi Ye-rim, who had to swallow regrets because of the championship trophy that was almost impossible to get hold of, were also born in 1999, the year of the rabbit. Ahn Ji-hyun, who is preparing for the season in Vietnam, said, “My goal is to find a swing that suits me during field training. I train with the best players at home and abroad, and I will learn a lot from them.” I will prepare hard and achieve the goal I want.”

Choi Ye-rim, who is preparing for the season in Korea, said with strength, “Until I win my first championship on the regular tour, my goal is always ‘first win’. Please watch over me.”

Born in 1999, Kim Ha-ni is the only rookie in the year of the rabbit to play on the KLPGA tour. Kim Ha-ni said, “I can now play on the KLPGA tour of my dreams,” and expressed her determination, “As it is the Year of the Rabbit, the goal is of course to win. I ask for your support.”

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