KIA, Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young expected to join
LG, pitcher Lee Min-ho and Ko Woo-seok’U-turn ’
KT, veteran Hwang Jae-gyun joins, pay attention to who will enjoy the ‘plus effect’ in ‘Dong Sang Dong Mong’ . The title of the song is ‘June’. The lyrics contain the content that when summer comes, you can unleash your true strength as conceived at the spring camp. Some clubs whose performance is not good compared to the expectations before the season send a message to the fans with a message saying, ‘Please wait a little longer’. It’s about injured players. This year’s professional baseball season opened in April with a line injury issue. There was only a difference in severity, and none of the 10 clubs made an exception. There are quite a few clubs that have additional injuries in the aftermath of the inferiority of ‘depth’ as ​​they start the season in a state of insufficiency. It is from the end of this month to June that the large-scale players who could not be together at that time return to their respective teams in turn. KIA, which has ups and downs due to shallow field depth, is waiting for the return of Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young, who left due to injuries. Choi Won-jun also joins after being discharged from the Sangmu baseball team. LG, which has ups and downs in pitching power compared to its solid batting ability, began counting the days of U-turns for starting pitcher Lee Min-ho and closer Go Woo-seok. In addition, KT, which had the most injured players, is waiting for Kim Min-soo on the mound and Hwang Jae-gyun on the other line.토스카지노

Samsung sees the addition of outfielders Kim Hyeon-joon and Kim Dong-yeop and the addition of Choi Chae-heung, who is scheduled to be discharged from the Sangmu baseball team, as reinforcements in June, and Doosan is looking at the return date of Kim In-tae and Kim Dae-han, names that were more regrettable every time the other lineup was asleep.

In addition, SSG is preparing to become stronger by materializing the addition of new foreign pitcher Roennis Elias to the starting rotation, and NC is waiting for the addition of Park Seok-min, who broke away due to hamstring after base running in April. Kiwoom is looking forward to diversifying fielder options with the joining of Song Seong-moon, who provided a clue to the twisting of the team’s lineup due to a fracture of the metacarpal bone during the self-blaming process after an error.

Lotte, which is running a dazzling race, also sees the joining of leadoff Hwang Seong-bin, who injured his ankle, in early June, and Hanwha is preparing in various ways to normalize the foreign batter position, which has been a headache since the opening day. This also seems to be June as the Maginot Line.

As such, all 10 clubs are looking forward to June as the ‘best time’ of this season. But not everyone can make June the ‘best time’. The professional baseball pennant race is an evaluation of opponents to determine superiority and inferiority, and when a team with a smile appears, a team with tears inevitably emerges.

So maybe the game in June this year will be a fight to protect the existing power rather than a fight to wait. This is because if any club encounters another variable before June arrives, it may end up in place due to another minus and plus collision rather than the calculated plus effect. This is why the fight in June, which everyone dreams of, is complicated. Which team is the real owner of professional baseball in June?

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