Kiwoom Heroes put on a strong drive for the long-awaited ‘V1’ ahead of the 2023 season. Despite the team’s small market situation, they jumped into the free agent (FA) market and recruited veteran right-handed pitcher Won Jong-hyeon (36) for 2.5 billion won over four years. Outfielder Lee Hyeong-jong (34), a free agent of the Futures (2nd team), was also given 2 billion won in 4 years. Even after the start of the season, he was very active in strengthening his power. To reinforce the infield, he traded with the Samsung Lions. In order to bring in veteran Lee Won-seok (37), they gave away key bullpen pitcher Kim Tae-hoon.

He started to raise his win rate by attracting a lot of immediate power, but Kiwoom’s progress at the beginning of the season was obviously still slow. The newly recruited resources have yet to add much to the power.

First of all, Won Jong-hyun suffered a right forearm injury almost immediately after the start of the season. It was canceled from the first team entry on April 5 with a hospital opinion that ‘recovery takes four weeks’, but it seems that a return will be possible only at the end of May.토토사이트

Unlike Won Jong-hyun, Lee Hyung-jong and Lee Won-seok are struggling with a batting slump. Hyungjong Lee’s batting average in the last 10 games is only 0.161. Until the 15th, the season performance was a batting average of 0.228, 1 home run, 13 RBIs, and 14 points in 34 games. His batting average for the season dropped to the early 20% range before he knew it.

Lee Won-seok also has very poor grades after joining the Hero Corps. His batting average in his last 10 games is only 0.108. The batting average for the season, which rose to 0.394 in April, has now dropped to 0.302. It is said that there is a cycle in hitting, but it is a very unfortunate situation for Kiwoom.

As of the 15th, Kiwoom has 16 wins and 20 losses (8th place) in 36 games. In order to aim for a higher rank, you need to recover from the 50% win rate. In order to return the win-loss margin from negative to positive, external blood transfusion resources mired in injuries and stagnation must do their part. Only when veterans revive, Kiwoom’s young players can gain momentum together.

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