“If you improve your profile through performance, new opportunities can always arise”. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai recorded a 1-1 draw in a friendly match against FC Dallas held at the Banus Football Center in Marbella, Spain on the 6th (hereafter Korean time). 

On this day, a new helper from Jeonbuk appeared at the stadium. The main character is Roberto Di Matteo Technical Advisor (technical advisor), who won the UEFA Champions League.

Jeonbuk appointed former coach Di Mateo as a technical advisor last month. Jeonbuk, which has been steadily interacting with excellent overseas clubs linked to parent company Hyundai Motor Company, has created a new technical advisor position to give consistent direction and advice to coaches from a longer-term perspective ahead of the 2023 season.

Di Matteo, who was appointed as the first technical advisor, worked as manager of Chelsea and Aston Villa in the Premier League and Schalke 04 in the German Bundesliga. He also led Chelsea to a UCL title in 2012.

Di Mateo, technical advisor, has been a successful leader in Europe. Recently, he is collaborating with Jeonbuk, saying he will take on a new challenge himself without taking on a managerial position.

Di Mateo, a technical advisor who worked as a manager in Europe, explained that Jeonbuk has many players with outstanding talent. Although it was a short time, he explained that there are many players with clear advantages, such as Cho Kyu-seong, Lee Dong-jun, and Jeong Tae-wook. 메이저놀이터

As technical advisor Di Mateo said, in a friendly game against Dallas, Lee Dong-jun showed explosive speed. He also explained that Jung Tae-wook has a lot of potential as a tall defender. I already knew about Jo Gyu-seong.

When asked what a player who is considered to have outstanding talent in Asia and Korea should have to advance to Europe, Di Mateo’s answer was simple. He emphasized making achievements. He said that his own ability is important, but the team’s performance cannot be ignored. He advised that you should create results that show on the surface as much as your individual performance. 

“A lot of Korean players have already played and are playing in Europe. So I think enough Korean players will do well in Europe. Players with outstanding abilities will surely attract interest from abroad. It also has the potential to go abroad. But the best thing is to make it work. All you have to do is win the K-League and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League in good shape. If I can achieve results, the coaching staff, director Ji-Sung Park, and I will support them as much as possible. If you improve your profile through performance, new opportunities can always arise”

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