An unbelievable brawl unfolded in the soccer final of the Southeast Asian Games.

Only 13 warning cards came out, but Indonesia took the victory in this competition stained with physical fights.

This is reporter Park Soo-ju.


Suddenly, a fierce gang fight breaks out on the ground.

He kicks and rolls on the floor with his feet, and swings his fists mercilessly.

The Southeast Asian Games soccer final was chaos itself.

Signs of a fight were seen in the second half.

When the referee blew the whistle, Indonesia, mistaking it for the end of the game, celebrated their victory and everyone was happy.

However, a free kick was called, and Thailand, who did not miss the chance, scored an equalizer, and the game went back to square one.

At that moment, players from both sides and the coaching staff collided head-on in front of the bench, and a physical fight ensued.토스카지노

After a moment of calm, the fight escalated when Indonesia scored an extra goal in extra time.

There were 13 warning cards drawn by the referee during the match.

In the end Indonesia had 10 men and Thailand only 7 men on the ground, and outnumbered Indonesia added two more goals to win 5-2.

It is the first time in 32 years that Indonesia has won a gold medal in this event.

Coach Shin Tae-yong, who was in charge of the Indonesian national soccer team’s command tower, did not participate in this tournament due to preparations for other international games such as the Asian Games.

The Football Association of Thailand apologized for the fight and announced that it would severely punish the players involved.

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