Reporter Park Jae-ho = Fans are very sorry for the possibility of Kim Yeon-kyung (34) retiring.

Heungkuk Life Insurance won a set score 3-0 in the home game against Pepper Savings Bank in the women’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on the 15th. Heungkuk Life Insurance, who had 63 points (21 wins and 7 losses), took the lead by beating Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which had been leading the way, by two points.

However, on this day, more attention was paid to Kim Yeon-kyung’s remarks about retirement than Heungkuk Life Insurance’s leap forward. After the game, Kim Yeon-kyung spoke frankly about her retirement rumors that had recently surfaced. He said, “It is true that there are concerns about retirement. It would be a lie if I said I had no thoughts at all. If you wait a little bit, I will coordinate with the club and tell you.”

Kim Yeon-kyung is 36 years old in Korean age. The reasons for his concerns about retirement, he said, are his age and his skills. Kim Yeon-kyung explained, “I think it’s good to put down when he’s in a high position. He’s 36 years old and he’s been playing volleyball for a long time.” 온라인카지노

Kim Yeon-kyung joined Heungkuk Life Insurance in 2005 at the age of 20 and made his professional debut. After conquering his Korean stage, he reigned as a world-class outside hitter, starting with the Japanese stage in 2009 and playing in Turkey and China. He has been running non-stop for 18 years and is now at the point of contemplating his retirement.

However, fans are very sorry to let go of ‘player’ Kim Yeon-kyung. Kim Yeon-kyung returned to Heungkuk Life Insurance this season and raised the team from 6th place last season to 1st place. Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium is filled with fans who come to see Kim Yeon-kyung whenever there is a home game for Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Fans are excited about the play of Kim Yeon-kyung, who is showing off her peak skills despite being a veteran. Kim Yeon-kyung ranks first in her offensive success rate this season (46.02%). In addition to offense, she is doing well on defense, ranking 6th in receive, 9th in dig, and 10th in defense. It is a ‘class’ that is different from ordinary players whose skills gradually decline due to signs of aging.

If Kim Yeon-kyung decides to retire while the V-League is running the best box office due to the effect of Kim Yeon-kyung’s comeback, the fans will be very sorry. Fans will respect whatever decision Kim Yeon-kyung makes, but the desire to see him on the court is also a big one.

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