Professional volleyball player Jae-seong Cho (28, OK Financial Group), who is suspected of evading military service, was investigated by the prosecution for advancing the schedule without the club’s knowledge. 

According to OK Financial Group’s volleyball team, Cho Jae-sung attended the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office on the 4th and returned home after being investigated by the prosecution for about 4 hours from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Cho Jae-seong was originally scheduled to be investigated by the prosecution as a suspect at the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office at 2:00 pm on the 5th, but the schedule was changed. 

It was a schedule change that the club was not aware of. On the morning of the 4th, an OK Financial Group official said, “I know that Jae-Sung Cho will be investigated by the prosecution on the 5th as scheduled,” but in a phone call in the evening, “It is said that Jae-Sung Cho has just been investigated by the prosecution. I heard that Cho Jae-sung’s lawyer changed the date. The club found out about this after the investigation was over,” he said, unable to hide his embarrassment. 

It is interpreted that the date was adjusted due to the burden of media exposure. He arbitrarily changed the schedule with his lawyer and did not notify the club. It is highly likely that this action was taken to avoid the numerous reporters who would flock to the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office on the 5th. 

Cho Jae-seong is accused of evading active duty enlistment. He was judged for active service at the 3rd level in the past military service physical examination, but after being diagnosed with epilepsy (epilepsy) through a broker he learned from a portal site counseling channel, he was reexamined and was judged as a 4th-grade supplemental service worker in February of last year. 

On the 25th of last month, Jae-seong Cho voluntarily reported to the club that he was involved in military service corruption and was scheduled to be investigated by an investigative agency. Three days later, on his SNS, he wrote, “I have committed an unforgivable sin. I am a participant in military service corruption. I know very well that the foolish and tremendous things I have done are difficult to be forgiven no matter how much I regret and repent. I’m really sorry. I will live my life reflecting on it.”  메이저사이트

The OK Financial Group club said, “(Cho Jae-seong) is currently under investigation by the investigative agency, and it seems that the details will have to wait for the results of the investigation. We will take care of it,” he said.

Cho Jae-seong, who graduated from Dongseong High School and Kyunghee University, grew into a star representing the team after being nominated in the 2nd round by OK Savings Bank (now OK Financial Group) in the 2016-2017 rookie draft. Along with his good looks, he was leading OK Financial Group’s ranking fight this season, ranking 6th in attack success rate (52.48%), 7th in quick open success rate (56.52%), and 10th in back attack success rate (51.79%).

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