Coach Kim Wan-soo took responsibility for the defeat and encouraged the players.

Cheongju KB Stars lost 69-82 in the 6th round away match against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Bucheon Hanawon Q held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 15th. KB Stars stayed in 5th place with 9 wins and 17 losses, and the ride with 4th place Busan BNK Some took 4.5 games. The chances of making the playoffs didn’t disappear, but they fell further. 바카라

Until the first half, it was the flow of KB Stars. He made five 3-pointers and won the rebound contest 21-16. However, from the 3rd quarter, Hana 1Q was shaken by strong pursuit. In the third quarter, the field goal success rate dropped sharply to 22% (5/23). He made 4 out of 10 3-pointers, but only 1 of 13 2-pointers. He made 10 mistakes from the 3rd to the 4th quarter and missed a total of 18 balls. collapsed like that

Manager Kim Wan-soo, whom we met after the game, said, “I think the players played well until the first half and were confident in both offense and defense. However, in the second half, the shot did not go well due to the opponent’s defense, and it seems to have been passive. He regrets that even if his success rate drops, it would have been nice if he had thrown with confidence. The young players are still playing together, so I hope the harmony is better. There were a lot of misses at important moments, but I think it was the most mistakes this season.”

“The players worked hard and did well, but I will take responsibility for losing the game. The players worked hard,” he said.

KB Stars must win all remaining games due to losses, and 4th place Busan BNK Some must lose all of them to advance to the playoffs. Regarding this, “You have to do it until the end. There is a high probability that the remaining 4 games will be the last game of this season in some way, but I and the players should study and become medicine so that this situation does not repeat.”

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