Ki Sung-yueng’s immediate goal, playing his 200th game for FC Seoul, was to advance to Final A.

On the 17th, Seoul lost 0-1 to Gwangju FC in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 match at Seoul World Cup Stadium. They were unable to overturn the lead as they gave up the first goal to Heo Yul in the 4th minute of the first half, and as Daegu won the subsequent game between Daegu FC and Suwon Samsung, their league ranking fell to 5th place.

Ki Sung-yong played his 200th match for Seoul. Ki Sung-yueng made his debut for Seoul in the home opener against Daegu on March 4, 2007, and played as a regular player for the team until the winter of 2010 when he began his European campaign with Celtic. The team I chose after living in Europe for 10 and a half years in the summer of 2020 was Seoul.

Ki Sung-yueng met with reporters in the mixed zone (joint coverage area) after the game and said, “I think it was a meaningful game. I would like to say that it is thanks to all the players and coaching staff who helped me play 200 games in Seoul for a long time. The result was great.” 카지노“I feel disappointed because I lost, but personally, I was thrilled to leave such a big record,” he said.

Regarding the most memorable game, he said, “My debut match is the most memorable. Although it was a long time ago, it is still vivid in my memory,” and said that he could not forget the moment when he first stepped onto the stadium as a Seoul player.

On this day, Ki Sung-yueng took on the role of an intermediate position between midfielder and center back. When defending, he switched between central defense and defensive midfielder as needed to occupy the appropriate position, and when attacking, he delivered quality passes to the front with sharp kicks.

When asked about his position, Ki Sung-yong said, “The starting position was not one I was familiar with. I changed it according to Gwangju’s overall movement. I had played in defense before, so there was no major difficulty. I prepared well for the irregular tactic, but I have a lot of regrets. “I had a lot of opportunities and led the game, but it’s quite disappointing that I couldn’t get a result,” he said, emphasizing that he can play any role if the team wins.

At the post-game press conference, Acting Manager Kim Jin-gyu said of Ki Sung-yong, who played 200 games for Seoul, “There are many legends in Seoul, but Ki Sung-yong is also doing many great things. He has achieved many achievements overseas and has led the players well on the team upon his return.” “He is a player who serves as an example to other players. I hope he plays for two or three more years and leaves behind many achievements,” he said. While praising his great achievements, it also gave the impression that they would like to continue to see Ki Sung-yong, whose contract period is running out.

Regarding his future plans, Ki Sung-yong explained, “Nothing has been decided yet. I think I’ll find out what my goals are when the season is over. I haven’t thought about it in detail.”

First of all, I pledged to bring Seoul to Final A. Ki Sung-yueng said, “The first and biggest goal is for the team to get to the top of the split. I’m trying to give it my all in the remaining three games, and my physical condition is not bad. Next week’s game is very important, so I’ll give everything starting from that game.” “It will swell,” he said.

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