Lee Yi-ri (21-KIA Tigers) wanted to get the ball out as quickly as possible, so he threw himself at the ball without even removing it from his glove to increase its speed.

Lee’s “diving throw” was also caught by the KBO’s “quasi-family,” Jung Soo-bin (Doosan Bears).

Lee faced Jeong Soo-bin with runners on first and second base in the bottom of the fourth inning of a 3-3 tie against the visiting Doosan Bears in the KBO at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Tuesday.

Jung bounced the ball hard, sending it flying between first base and the pitcher.

Lee, a left-handed pitcher, caught the ball with his right glove. He didn’t have enough room to retrieve the ball with his left hand, so he tried a “glove toss.” Lee threw his body toward first base to shorten the distance and increase the speed of the throw.

After the game, Lee said, “If I didn’t catch it, it was an infield hit. I had to throw the ball as fast as I could because Jeong Soo-bin was so fast.” “I didn’t realize it,” he said, “but it could have been a game-winner. It could have been a game-winner, so I really wanted to catch him.”

The initial call was safe, but Lee was so confident that he turned to the KIA dugout and asked for a video review. Kia manager Kim Jong-kook agreed, and the call was overturned to an out.

“I could see that the ball reached the base before the batter’s feet,” Lee said. I was sure it was an out,” Lee said.

With runners on second and third with one out, Lee struck out Kim to end the fourth inning.

The KIA bats came back with two runs in the top of the fifth, and the team went on to win 6-3.

Lee pitched six innings of four-hit ball, allowing three runs on four hits and striking out four to earn his sixth win of the season.

With the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the third inning, Lee surrendered back-to-back push balls to Lee Yoo-chan and Yang Ji, giving up two runs, and a sacrifice fly to center field to Yang Seok-hwan to cut the deficit to 2-3.

It wasn’t too bad, though.

Lee stayed on the mound until the sixth inning without allowing another run, thanks to a fastball that topped out at 153 kilometers per hour and averaged 150 kilometers per hour.토토사이트

“There’s always one big crisis in every game,” said Lee. “In the third inning, I allowed the leadoff hitter to walk and then gave up a run in a hurry. In the fourth inning, I got my pitches in order,” he recalled.

“I want to minimize the ups and downs during the game. I am encouraged by the fans’ support every time I start.

As long as Lee minimizes the ups and downs of his game, KIA fans will be able to watch him pitch with greater comfort.

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