Thanks to Kim Jun-hwan’s performance, KT succeeded in escaping the losing streak.

Suwon KT won 91-86 against Jeonju KCC in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball D League held at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 7th. With the victory on this day, KT recorded 4 wins and 4 losses in the season. I hit a 50% win rate. At the same time, he succeeded in escaping from three consecutive losses.

KT led the atmosphere from the beginning of the first quarter. Led by Kim Jun-hwan, he showed off fast basketball. In addition, the performance of other players was added to make it 13-5. During the process, Kim Jun-hwan scored 7 points alone.

However, an error came out and the outside shots missed one after another. As a result, he gave the opponent 6 points in a row and allowed the chase. Then Kim Yun-tae cut the opponent’s flow with a 3-point shot. In addition, Kim Jun-hwan added the basket count. However, they conceded points to Yeo Jun-hyung and Kim Dong-hyun, allowing the chase to be 22-17.

KT was also pushed back at the beginning of the second quarter. Because I couldn’t control Yeo Jun-hyung. Also, the attacks failed one after another. As a result, the score was tied at 3 minutes and 24 seconds into the quarter. After that, reverse was allowed.

In response, Choi Jang-jin broke the opponent’s flow with consecutive goals. 4 minutes and 45 seconds before the end of the quarter, they took the lead again. However, Song Dong-hoon and Park Se-jin conceded again and allowed a turnaround.

Afterwards, both teams exchanged points. If KCC scored, KT followed. KT, who continued the close match, finished the first half with 42-43.

KT turned around in the third quarter with Lee Hyun-seok and Kim Jun-hwan scoring. In addition, thanks to Choi Jin-kwang’s performance, the score gap widened. Although they allowed their opponents to attack quickly, they maintained the score difference. 카지노사이트

Afterwards, the score was exchanged, but KT was pushed back little by little. An attempted quick attack failed. And Yeo Jun-hyung and Yoo Byung-hyun scored. 53 seconds before the end of the quarter, he gave Kim Seung-yeop a 3-point shot and allowed the reverse. Kim Yun-tae tried the last attack, but even this failed and finished the third quarter with 65-66.

However, Choi Jin-kwang and Kim Jun-hwan’s free throw scored the reverse. In addition, Lee Hyun-seok also made a 3-point shot to make it 72-66. Afterwards, Song Dong-hoon allowed a 3-point shot, but Choi Jin-kwang responded with a 3-point shot. Afterwards, Yeo Jun-hyung and Seo Jeong-hyeon conceded points, and Song Dong-hoon even scored a quick break and was chased by 78-77.

However, Choi Jin-kwang put up a mid-range jumper. Afterwards, Seo Jeong-hyeon conceded a goal, but Choi Jin-kwang scored again under the goal. KT, who added Kim Jun-hwan’s 3-point shot, made it 85-81.

KT conceded a point to Yoo Byeong-hun and was chased by 1 point. This time, Kim Jun-hwan was the solver. He broke the flow of the opponent by scoring an extra point. Afterwards, a one-man fast attack followed by a steal was added to widen the score gap. After that, there was a crisis with a series of mistakes, but he overcame the crisis by succeeding in defense. So KT won the game.

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