Kim Min-jae is one of the icons of SSC Napoli (Napoli). No matter how the future goes, Napoli fans love Kim Min-jae right now. 

The Italian media ‘Mundo Napoli’ explained the story surrounding Kim Min-jae and what he is to Napoli fans now.

‘Mundo Napoli’ said, “Kim Min-jae is the true symbol and face of Naples. Look at the dedication, sacrifice, and dedication.” “At first, he aroused everyone’s doubts, but now he is continuing with excellent results. Already, half of Europe is Kim Min-jae. Pay attention. In particular, Manchester United are ready to work hard to buy Kim Min-jae.”토토사이트

“Napoli is ready to work on the transfer clause for Kim Min-jae. But even in the meantime, Kim Min-jae is with the enthusiasm of Napoli fans. Let’s enjoy the Korean show. Wherever Napoli goes, ‘Kim, Kim, Kim’ choir I dedicate it to Kim Min-jae,” he said, suggesting that the fans and Kim Min-jae unite together for the rest of the season.

Napoli fans chant “Kim, Kim, Kim” whenever Kim Min-jae shows great performance during a game. When Min-jae Kim blows away opponents with a physical fight, when he catches up with the enemy with overwhelming speed and wins the ball, when he dominates the space and brings stability to Napoli, when he produces points with movements like a striker, there comes a moment to cheer for Min-jae Kim. He shouts “Kim, Kim, Kim” every time. Such a cry is like a potion for Kim Min-jae as he walks around the stadium.

It is true that the big European clubs are paying attention to Kim Min-jae, but for now, Napoli fans and Kim Min-jae’s eyes are only focused on the end of the season. The Italian Serie A must be confirmed quickly, and the UEFA (European Football Confederation) Champions League (UCL) must also defeat the formidable AC Milan and advance to the semifinals. In order to do so, Kim Min-jae’s performance and ‘Kim, Kim, Kim’ choir’s hymns are absolutely necessary. This is why ‘Mundo Napoli’ emphasized the present that can be enjoyed rather than the uncontrollable future.

Meanwhile, Napoli will play the first leg of the UCL quarterfinal against AC Milan at 4 am on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time). As it is an away game, we need to manage the game carefully. Napoli lost 0-4 to AC Milan in their Serie A match on the 3rd. It is 90 minutes that Kim Min-jae’s iron pillar defense is desperately needed. 

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