The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on June 6 that it will hold a punishment committee on July 7 for Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG), Lee Yong-chan (NC) and Jeong Chul-won (Doosan), who were found to have consumed alcohol during the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

All three players are expected to attend the punishment committee. They seem to believe they have some explaining to do.

“It is likely that the players themselves will attend the penalty committee and have time to explain themselves,” all three clubs said.

The three players have already bowed their heads in front of fans and admitted to drinking. They have also been removed from the roster and are taking time to reflect.

What do they have left to say to the punishment committee?

It”s unlikely that they”ll deny drinking. There”s no point in arguing the facts at this point. The three players will be well aware of this.

Their explanations are likely to emphasize that they did drink, but not on days that could have affected their performance.

They have already stated that they took advantage of travel days and the days before rest days to drink.

It is understood that the penalty committee will also thoroughly verify this aspect.

A KBO official said, “The investigation into the facts went smoothly. The punishment committee will be held to check the time of drinking and the level of alcohol consumption. When and how much alcohol was consumed will be the main core agenda.”

In the end, it seems certain that the three athletes will once again admit to drinking, but emphasize that they did not cross the line.

A certain amount of alcohol may be acceptable if it doesn’t impair performance.

Since they’ve already caused a social stir, they won’t be able to avoid punishment, but you can expect them to argue that they haven’t suffered any moral harm by shamelessly drinking on game day.

When the reports first surfaced, it was reported that the players had been drinking ahead of a big game. There may be some injustice here.토토사이트

Whether or not they are remorseful about their drinking, there should be no resentment. The punishment should be severe, but you can’t hold someone accountable for something they didn’t do.

He has already apologized, but he needs to be given time to explain himself in front of a penalty committee.

These athletes have dedicated their lives to their country and should not be punished any further.

All eyes will be on the KBO on the 7th to see what the three players have to say.

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