Li Shuing (20), who was born in Shanghai, China and came to Korea at the age of 7, met a major obstacle as a golf player in 2021 when she was a sophomore at Seomun Girls’ High School in Seoul. Born to a Korean-Chinese mother, Li Shuying’s nationality is Chinese. At the time, foreign players had to go through the International Qualifying Tournament (IQT) to participate in the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour. However, IQT was canceled for two consecutive years in the aftermath of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). The only way to debut on the KLPGA tour was blocked.

In a phone interview on the 1st, Li Shuing said, “I was at a loss at the time. He was thinking about whether he should go to the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour Qualifying (Q) School Qualifier,” he said in Korean. At that time, Li Shuing’s heart was in a hurry. The Korean friends who played golf together were playing in the Dream (Part 2) and Jump (Part 3) tours.

Heaven did not turn away from those who help themselves. The following year, in 2022, the KLPGA Tour fully opened the jump tour, which only Korean nationals could participate in, to lower the entry barrier for foreign players. Li Shuing did not miss the opportunity. Last year, he moved up to the Dream Tour as the 1st prize money winner of the 2nd round of the Jump Tour. In the Dream Tour, he won the right to participate in the regular tour seeding match by placing 30th in prize money. He finished 17th in the rankings and secured the right to participate in all regular tour events this year. Leishuing became the ‘No. 1 foreign player’ who entered the regular tour without going through the IQT. In the self-introduction column on Instagram, Li Shuing wrote, “KLPGA Tour Pro.” 메이저사이트

Li Shuing is training with her father at Eagle Ridge Golf Course in Cavite, Philippines. This is where he started to play golf for the first time after he started learning golf in earnest from the 3rd grade of elementary school following his father, who was a teaching professional. Li Shuing said, “At that time, playing a ball on the lawn just seemed cool. Ahead of his tour debut, he’s back here to take his mind off the moment he started playing golf,” he said. After training in the Philippines until the middle of next month, she plans to compete in the opening match in Korea (Lotte Rental Women’s Open) on April 6 in Seogwipo, Jeju.

Her own strength, which Li Shuying attributes to her, is her mental strength. She explained, “She always went to competitions with the mindset, ‘If she doesn’t do her best, she can’t help it. The same is the reason why she considers Ko Jin-young (28), 5th in the women’s golf world rankings, as her role model. Li Shuying said, “She doesn’t waver when she sees her match scenes or interviews, and she’s always full of confidence. She wants to learn that.”

When asked about her goal for her debut season, she confidently replied, “First of all, I want to win one more, and then challenge myself to become the rookie of the year.” When asked what tournament she wanted to win, she seemed to have waited, and she picked the ‘Doosan Match Play Championship’, the only match play competition in women’s golf in Korea. The motto of Li Shuing, a KLPGA tour pro, has recently changed. Li Shuying said, “She was originally ‘can do it,’ but after hearing her mother, she changed it to ‘you can do it. She believes that she can do anything and wants to focus and show her own golf,” she said.

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